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  • Energy Institute

    Stand: J46
    The Energy Institute (EI) is the professional body for the energy industry, developing and sharing knowledge, skills and good practice towards a safe, secure and sustainable energy system. The EI has branches across the UK and internationally, and su ...
  • Energy Management LLP

    Stand: M35
    Energy Management has been helping clients reduce their energy costs for nearly two decades and is a leader amongst energy consultancies. We reduce operating costs through professional energy procurement, invoice validation, improved budget managemen ...
  • Energy Metering Technology Limited

    Stand: N22
    An established aM&T company, providing tools and information systems that enable energy managers to easily monitor and target energy and water consumption. From meter strategy development, meter and DATABIRD AMR installation to DYNAMAT energy managem ...
  • Energy Pool UK

    Stand: M6
    Energy Pool is the leading European Demand Response operator, aggregating industrial and commercial electricity consumers to monetise their flexibility of energy consumption or generation. Through Energy Pool’s technology, our clients generate new re ...
  • Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA)

    Stand: P27
    ESTA, the energy services and technology association is a unique trade association shaping the agenda for reduction in the demand-side energy sector. ESTA members are representative of the energy industry; ranging from Consultants to SMEs, right thro ...
  • EnerNoc UK Limited

    Stand: L24
    Demand side response (DSR) is a scheme where industrial and commercial businesses offer their energy consumption flexibility to National Grid and are paid for that commitment. Whether you're a veteran DSR participant or new to the concept entirely, t ...
  • epd

    Stand: Exhibitor Pod 2
    Together with its sister businesses within Parkwood Consultancy Services (PCS) and the Parkwood Group, we aim to provide a bespoke, carefully costed and specialised service to our clients – urban or rural, public or private, local or international. W ...
  • European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI)

    Stand: L46
    EBRI at Aston University provides practical solutions for businesses to explore the growing bioenergy and energy systems markets, and the opportunities they offer. Companies can benefit from specialist support, cutting-edge technologies and bespoke e ...
  • EV-Box UK & Ireland

    Stand: M12
    From logistics and on-site vehicles to company cars, fleet emissions can contribute significantly to an organisation’s carbon footprint. Explore the retail and commercial prospects of greening your fleet with technology experts, EV-Box and get free a ...
  • EventShaper

    Stand: Test
  • EWT UK Ltd

    Stand: L6
    EWT wind turbines were designed and developed to proven Direct Drive technology specifically for operating in low/medium wind speeds, ideal for industrial applications, delivering excellent energy yields.  Fully trained UK based service technicians 2 ...
  • Fike UK

    Stand: L30
    For over 70 years Fike has been the experienced expert in the fields of pressure relief, explosion protection, fire detection and fire suppression, trusted by a wide array of businesses worldwide. Our precision engineered products and expert backup s ...
  • FLAG

    Is your reporting really driving value? What issues do you want to lead on? FLAG helps companies including Nike, JPMorganChase and Vodafone to build trust, tell their story and drive change through effective reporting and stakeholder engagement. Visi ...
  • Fleetdrive Electric

    Stand: M14
    Fleetdrive Electric have been delivering expertise at the forefront of the market for Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles in the fleet sector since 2011 and consistently champion the adoption of Electric Vehicles to new and existing clients. We not only work ...
  • FLEXIM Instruments UK Ltd

    Stand: L21
    We set standards As the technology leader in non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement, FLEXIM continuously sets standards. Our clamp-on ultrasonic measurement system FLUXUS measures virtually anything that flows, gases as well as liquids. Clamp-on ul ...
  • Flexitricity

    Stand: L16
    Flexitricity is the demand response pioneer. Our innovations have shaped demand-side flexibility since 2004. Flexitricity created and now operates the first, largest and most advanced demand-response portfolio in GB. We bring revenue to British busin ...
  • FTL / Osprey

    Stand: N2
    FTL/Osprey is a joint venture offering environmental technology supply & consulting in gas cleaning & energy recovery for waste to energy, pulp, mining & minerals and all process industries. Cut Costs & Emssions with a Non Foul High Efficiency Turbul ...
  • Future We Want

    Stand: P30
    Future We Want works with businesses, universities and schools to support engagement around sustainability issues. We are the UK vendor of the 'How Bad are Bananas?' Carbon Footprint Game and we challenge you to find anything that makes engaging arou ...
  • Green Energy Consulting

    Stand: K12
    Green Energy Consulting is a leading independent UK commercial energy consultancy, specialising in the renewable energy and sustainability sector. Our innovative services are designed to help save client’s time, energy, and money.  We work to help wi ...
  • GreenBuying.co.uk

    Stand: P33
    GreenBuying.co.uk is your number one source of UK sourced eco business and school supplies and services. Unlike other websites which sell green supplies as an "add-on", green products and services is all that we do. So buy from us to build your green ...
  • Helistrat

    Stand: Exhibitor Pod 3
    Helistrat are one of the UK’s leading waste consultancy and contract management partners providing tailor made waste solutions to deliver reduced costs, legal and environmental compliance and increased recycling performance. 
  • Historic Futures

    Modern slavery can be found anywhere but your greatest risk is in your global supply chain. The Modern Slavery Act specifically recognises this. Historic Futures is a recognised expert in supply chain risk mapping, with over 13 years working with man ...
  • I.C.Electrical Ltd

    Stand: L34
    I.C.Electrical have been established for 30 years are based centrally in Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire and operate nationally. Our list of services include: Electrical Design Electrical Installation Control Panels Electrical Testing HV Electrical ...
  • IEMA

    Stand: L43
    IEMA is the worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals, working to make our businesses and organisations future-proof. Belonging gives us the knowledge, connections and authority to lead collective change, with IEMA’s global s ...
  • Ignite Energy

    Stand: L28
    Ignite Energy provide a wide variety of energy management services for large businesses, ranging from bill validation and supply management to the implementation of demand reduction projects.  Ignite take the complex challenges of energy management a ...
  • IMServ Europe Ltd

    Stand: K36
    As one of the UK’s leading energy data management providers, with over 250,000 metering systems remotely monitored, IMServ can assist your business to monitor, interpret and proactively manage its energy requirements. IMServ offers an all-inclusive p ...
  • Invisible Systems Ltd

    Stand: M30
    Invisible Systems manufacture innovative wireless energy monitoring and control tools. A bespoke software programme (Realtime-Online™) gathers all available data and displays information on dashboards, within a comprehensive reporting suite. Invisibl ...
  • JMHING Power Limited

    Stand: L45
    Residential/Commercial and Grid solutions using revolutionary hardware and software to seamlessly integrated to create grid neutrality. Creating residential VPP with centralised monitoring and batch control allowing unlimited scalability. All within ...
  • LCG Energy

    Stand: P16
    LCG Energy exhibiting for our third consecutive year at Sustainability Live/edieLive will launch LCG iSolar Blinds for the domestic conservatory market, allowing conservatory owners to take control of their conservatory temperatures. Our Vertical iSo ...
  • LED Eco Lights Ltd

    Stand: J30
    Since LED Eco Lights was founded in 2006, we have rapidly become the UK’s leading experts in retrofit LED technology. From LED luminaires to retrofit LED lamps, we have developed an exceptional range of comprehensive LED lighting solutions for commer ...
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