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Exhibitor news: Fountains, footballs and phones!

01 Jun 2017 by: Clarion Communication Systems

A jet of water skyrockets above the crowd as a man walks past with two large sacks full of neon footballs - you know you’re at edie Live 2017. Clarion Communication Systems’s maiden visit was eventful and successful. We met some fantastic individuals and companies with superb initiatives and it was truly refreshing to find so many others with a similar mind-set and mission – the circular economy. A large number of our stand visitors learnt that not only can our hardware help them achieve sustainability objectives, they can also save thousands of pounds by using Clarion. If it was not for edie Live, they would not have known.

Recycled telecoms is sometimes a challenging concept for organisations to get to grips with. Not so for edie Live visitors who understood completely that generating a circular economy in telecoms was of huge benefit both to business and the environment. Realising that the hardware was in tip-top condition, savings of 80-90% were achievable, equipment had updated firmware and double the warranty of new products, were some of the many reasons edie Live visitors saw the benefit of Clarion’s refurbished telecoms range.

Disposal and recycling of their old business telephones was clearly a necessity for many visitors to our stand, as following recent upgrades and acquisitions of new telephone systems, they had been left with their old hardware, with no route to reuse. Clarion is happy to quote to buy or safely dispose of any redundant business telephony (in full compliance of WEEE directive).

We would like to send a big thank you to the organisers, visitors and fellow exhibitors who all added to making this a great event. Don’t forget to look out for Clarion Communication Systems Ltd the next time you are looking for new telephones, upgrading old telephones or looking to change anything within your telephony infrastructure.

“Our impact on the environment is a major consideration for all of us, especially future generations. Additionally, during these times of austerity, the increasing cost of hardware is equally important to those of us in business/procurement. Clarion’s alternative offering to buying new hardware will lower your carbon footprint, reduce e-waste in landfill and also dramatically reduce expenditure! Talk to our team today and explore the many ways we can help you save money and meet your sustainability targets.” Tom Hunt – MD

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