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Exhibitor news: Sustainability rating scheme for buildings in 2017 - where are we at?

13 Mar 2017 by: epd

Sustainability is very much a hot topic within the building industry and environment. The agenda is fundamentally linked to user behaviour, technology, policy and how policymakers can change the direction and focus of the agenda.

In recent times, the drive for sustainability measures has resulted in a more bottom-up approach, where the final user and demand are relied upon for market penetration, compared to the top-down policy and technology approach. As well as this, we are seeing a more stringent ‘blanket’ of energy conservation requirements in the Building Regulations through a carbon emission target rating

This white paper from edie Live exhibitors, epd analyses the sector following the withdrawal of the Code for Sustainable Homes and what resources are left to Local Authorities to guarantee a certain degree of sustainability in new developments in their area. The paper also compares criteria used in different sustainability schemes currently available, whilst looking at the schemes which are most likely to be the focus for the future.

To read the full white paper, please visit http://www.epd-parkwood.co.uk/news/