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    This free-to-attend webinar will explore the various challenges and opportunities behind effective energy management. From setting ambitious goals and identifying the biggest wins through to changing behaviours, driving innovation and rolling out projects across multiple sites - registrants will be provided with an exclusive, end-to-end overview of successful energy efficiency projects.


  • IKEA’s head of sustainability told edieLive why furniture recycling isn’t just part of corporate responsibility at IKEA, but also makes commercial sense. We caught up with her at edie’s Resource Revolution conference where she talked about IKEA’s collaboration with the Furniture Reuse Network. Watch the full video to find out more details about the project and why the Swedish furniture...
  • What happens when an established organisation is trying to adapt the circular business model and mindset across the entire company? We met up with Canon Europe’s sustainability and compliance specialist at edie’s Resource Revolution conference to find out. We asked Norah Lewis what the main lessons have been so far . Canon has been involved in circular business models for some...
  • Earlier this year Bywaters launched one of London’s largest retrofit solar panel array, consisting of 4,000 panels which are expected to produce 897,000 kwh per year. At this year’s edie Live we caught up with David Rumble who leads strategic development at Bywaters. He came to Birmingham to talk about the project at Bywaters’ Bow plant. We asked him why the...
  • What does Brexit mean for sustainability professionals and the circular economy? We asked Sally Uren, CEO of Forum for the Future, and circular economy consultant Sandy Rodger for their opinion. The consensus seems to be that there is no need to panic, and there may even be a few opportunities on the horizon following June’s referendum outcome. Watch our video...
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