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Anya Ledwith

Anya Ledwith

Director, ESHCON

With 19 years of leadership in the field of carbon and environmental management, Director of consultancy ESHCon, Anya Ledwith works with a range of sectors, from micros to multinationals.

A Chartered Environmentalist, Anya is an experienced auditor and implementer of ISO 14001 environmental management systems. She supports clients’ GHG Reporting requirements, complying with Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and implementing Energy Management Systems to ISO 50001.

The new ISO 14001 will be a great opportunity for businesses and environmental professionals alike, so Anya will be leading the way.

Anya can often be seen speaking at conferences, such as edie Live, or judging awards, including the Environment and Energy Awards. She is enjoys hearing about how companies embed the environment into core business practices… this is Effective Environmental Management.