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Claire Jakobsson

Claire Jakobsson

Head of climate, energy and environment policy, EEF

Claire Jakobsson is Head of Climate, Energy and Environment Policy at EEF, the manufacturer’s organisation. She is leading a team that is working on a number of key projects such as the circular economy; reform of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme; the Business Energy Efficiency Taxation review; and the future for low carbon innovation.

For over 10 years, Claire has worked on a number of energy and environmental campaigns and is firmly behind the belief that a strong manufacturing sector is vital for the UK’s economic and social aspirations and how it is essential for industry and government to work together in order to achieve this.

Claire was previously a policy adviser for energy and environment to the Conservative Party; a Director at Bell Pottinger; Executive Director of the Conservative Environment Network; and the UK Public Affairs lead at Opower.