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Nick Cliffe

Nick Cliffe

Innovation lead, Innovate UK

Nick runs the Sustainability & Resource Efficiency programme at Innovate UK. The programme embeds Resource Efficiency and Sustainability across Innovate UK strategy and competitions, helps innovators consider the environmental and societal drivers of markets and supports UK businesses in exploring circular economy business models.

Previously Nick worked for Closed Loop Recycling, a large plastic bottle recycling business, where he managed various commercial projects and also worked for a spin-off consultancy business, Closed Loop Environmental Solutions, managing projects such as launching a range of on-site food composting machines in the UK and a large waste auditing program for Heathrow Airport and various airlines to develop recycling options for both terminal and cabin waste.

Prior to Closed Loop he worked as a Commercial Project Manager for Green-Works, a Queen’s Award winning social enterprise which recycled large volumes of office furniture. This included setting up and running a remanufacturing business where new furniture products were made from recovered furniture panels and a re-use / recycling project for carpet tiles in partnership with InterfaceFLOR.