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Sustainability megatrends at edie Live 2017

This new series of thought-leadership pieces will provide an overview of the environmental and social impacts of the world's megatrends; exploring how they are helping to shape the low-carbon, resource-efficient business of the future.

The series will culminate with a high-level discussion focused on megatrends at the Strategy and Innovation conference at edie Live 2017 at the NEC Birmingham on 24 May.  Get your free two-day pass here.

Urbanisation and smart cities

Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas – a proportion that is expected to increase to 66% by 2050. Whether it is the uptake of zero-emission vehicles, the development of green buildings, or the rollout of Internet of Things-based products – the smart cities of the future will be systemically different from the urban areas of today. But are businesses ready to embrace the change?

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Population growth and social change

Something has to give: people in all regions of the world are living longer, but working age population growth is slowing down and inequality is rising. Empowering millennials will of course be critical to meeting these key social challenges, but how can businesses adapt to demographic shifts and rapid urbanisation whilst also mitigating any negative financial and environmental implications of social change?

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Economic growth

How can businesses achieve economic growth whilst dealing with the risks posed by climate change? Is it even possible to decouple profitability from sustainability; or does the western world need to undergo a more fundamental, systemic shift away from a capitalist agenda to an economy based on redistribution and resource efficiency?

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Megatrends - Day 2

From climate change and resource scarcity to socio-economics and technology as an
enabler, this half day addresses the top
level trends that answer the question
‘Why act and what happens if we don’t?

Read the full agenda for the Strategy and Innovation Conference here

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