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Strategy and Innovation Conference

Understanding the bigger picture is crucial for setting strategy, and that means finding time to get to grips with diverse topics including policy and regulation, macro-economics, business drivers and innovation. This theatre addresses the thinking and the doing in making sustainability strategies material, realistic and effective.

The conference theatre will be divided into four key themes across the two days to deliver a concentrated and focused package of expert content, cutting complexity for attendees and giving them the information and tools to hone their own approaches and effect real change in their organisations.Themes include:
• Policy, regulation, drivers and leaders
• Collaboration and the social agenda
• Megatrends
• What the future looks like

This year, we have made the speaker presentations available for you to download. We have hosted the files on our Dropbox account. Please complete the short form below to access the presentations from Day 1 and Day 2 of the Strategy and Innovation conference.

Strategy and Innovation Stage
  1. Strategy and Innovation Stage

    From managing uncertainty post-Brexit, to the UK’s low-carbon economy ambitions this half day investigates the drivers, opportunities and challenges for business and its role in driving the agenda in a post-EU landscape.

    • Sustainability - the expanding business case
    • Panel discussion: Brexit – a new era for green business?
    • How business is aligning itself with global goals
    • The role of business in driving the agenda
    • Ambitious target setting: our vision
    • How tackling food waste can help fight food poverty
    • Questions and panel discussion: how far is business responsible for shaping the sustainability agenda?

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  2. Strategy and Innovation Stage

    From NGOs to competitors, supply chains to social networks this half-day explores the importance of a collaborative strategy and the power of the positive.

    • Developing partnerships: connecting business with local communities
    • The role of collaboration in driving change
    • Community projects: the benefits of local alliances
    • Partnership in action: Sodexo and WWF-UK’s sustainable meals
    • Questions and panel discussion: how far should collaboration be a priority?
    • Beyond environmental impacts: the power of people
    • Managing social impact in the supply chain: the importance of knowing your social circle
    • Aligning goals and creating meaningful partnerships

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Strategy and Innovation Stage
  1. Strategy and Innovation Stage

    From climate change and resource scarcity to socio-economics and technology as an enabler, this half day addresses the top level trends that answer the question ‘Why act and what happens if we don’t?

    • Technology enablers now and in the future
    • Digitalisation and communication
    • System disrupters: a new generation of sustainability
    • Questions and panel discussion: How will new technologies and digitalisation continue to impact sustainability in the future?
    • The impact of climate change
    • Socio-economics and diversity
    • The expectations of millennials

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  2. Strategy and Innovation Stage

    The future is coming, and it’s interconnected. From future-proofing your strategy to reaching stretch targets, this half day considers what tomorrow might look like, and your place in it.

    • The ten most important future actions to limit global warming to 1.5°C
    • Taking a long-term, sustainable approach to energy efficiency
    • Sustainability and innovation: creating a brighter future
    • Smart cities: enabling adaptation
    • “Toilet Resources” - the circular economy for sanitation
    • Innovative business models: O2’s resource efficiency strategy
    •  Resource efficiency action plan

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