Ahead of the curve: How to make your business a resource efficiency leader

The big business plastics debate: Part 2 (implementation)

Bank of England's journey towards a ‘plastic free’ office

  • How we delivered an 80% reduction in single-use plastics across our sites 
  • A cultural change – tools to drive behaviour change and employee engagement  
  • The positive face of plastic – sustainability credentials of polymer banknotes 

Charles Joly, Head of corporate sustainability and responsibility, Bank of England 

Eliminating bottled water for the sake of the ocean

  • The #OneLess campaign: Tackling ocean plastic pollution at source by changing the way we drink water 
  • Taking a systemic approach to eradicating plastic bottled water  
  • Collaboration across a city: Building a network of change-makers 

Fiona Llewellyn, Senior marine project manager, ZSL (Zoological Society of London)

Supply chains, frameworks and standards for circularity

Leading the way on the circular economy using ocean-bound plastics

  • Creating a global supply chain of ocean-bound plastics 
  • How to engage thousands of suppliers with your sustainability journey 
  • Setting ambitious goals to drive change across your networks 

Mark Dempsey, Sustainability manager and environmental policy advisor, HP 

An industry in crisis: Why we need a Fashion Revolution

  • What fashion brands can learn from the plastics crisis 
  • Changing the beliefs and attitudes of consumers 
  • Weaving circularity into long-standing fashion retail models 

Sarah Ditty, Policy director, Fashion Revolution  

SMEs & the public sector: circular economy barriers & opportunities

Recycling Lives: Changing the way business is done

  • Delivering commercial and social value – how its done
  • Using resource efficiency to create social impact
  • How to create tangible CSR case studies

Simon Edwards, Commercial director, Recycling Lives




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