Learning from the leaders: Taking your energy strategy onto the next level

Pathways to clean growth: Renewables, storage and decentralisation

Decentralised energy: How businesses can turn ambition into action

  • Tapping into the opportunities of energy storage and demand-response
  • Why decarbonisation and industry competitiveness go hand-n-hand 
  • Taking your energy efficiency strategy onto the next level  

Joanne Wade, Deputy director, Association for Decentralised Energy 

Ambition into action: Accelerating the shift to electric vehicles

BT's Leap of faith: Making the smart switch to EVs

  • The 30,000 vehicle challenge: preparing to decarbonise a large commercial fleet
  • The business case for adopting EVs today
  • Overcoming infrastructural and institutional challenges to adoption

Howard Lungley, Head of strategy, digital impact and sustainability, BT 

EVs and the smart grid: Key considerations for business

  • Gaining boardroom buy-in for all-electric fleets 
  • Getting your charging infrastructure right 
  • How EVs could unlock Britain’s smart grid ​​​​​

Claire Thompson-Sage, Sustainable development co-ordinator, UPS

Clean Air Zones: opportunities or threats for fleets?

  • Policy and Legislation: why should fleets care about air quality? 
  • Clean Air Zones: a shake-up for fleet operations in the UK 
  • Case Studies: costs and emissions savings from fleets EST has supported 

Luke Redfern, Regional account manager, transport, Energy Saving Trust 

Pathways to the future: Where next for business energy management?

Energy: Future Worlds

  • Will blockchain, the Internet of Things and AI be the norm?  
  • What impact will this have on the national grid?  
  • And – crucially – what does all of this mean for the role of the energy manager?  ​

Susanne Baker, Head of programme, environment and compliance, techUK

Harnessing technological innovations for a low-carbon future

  • AI, robotics and their implications for business energy 
  • How to embrace the next wave of disruptive energy innovations   
  • The business opportunity of E-Mobility 

Adrian Del Maestro, Director of research and head of global thought leadership in energy, PwC




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