The big idea: How to unlock innovation in your business (PLUS: An introduction to the Future Systems Hackathon)

Overcoming the barriers to innovation in your business

  • Innovation through procurement: technology, behaviours and people
  • Applying innovation maturity models to your sustainability strategy 
  • In practice: How innovation is driving the transition to zero-carbon railway stations 

Shamit Gaiger, Director of strategic advisory, AECOM

ProjectX: Our mission to radically transform 10 industries in 10 years

  • Achieving business model transformation through the adoption of sustainable innovations  
  • Self-interest: The key to collective action around climate change and biodiversity 
  • Gaining Corporate engagement at industry level to innovate for a sustainable future 

Marcela Navarro, Chief executive and co-founder, ProjectXGlobal

People, policy and products: Why innovation is so critical for sustainability and energy

Innovation for energy and sustainability through PRODUCTS 

  • Our proposition journey  
  • Working with partners to deliver bespoke solutions based on customer need 
  • How making one change towards flexible energy management will benefit businesses on their low carbon journey

Vincent de Rul, Director of energy solutions, EDF Energy  

Innovation in focus: Sustainable MANUFACTURING

Ambition into ACTION: Quick-fire sustainable innovation case studies

Innovation in RESOURCES

  • How John Lewis is innovating to ‘deliver more with less’ 
  • Turning to start-ups to support the innovation process 
  • Investing in circular economy business models of the future 

Zoë Brady, Partner & sourcing manager, John Lewis & Partners 

Innovation in MOBILITY

  • Accelerating the shift to all-electric business fleets 
  • Battery, charging and vehicle-to-grid developments 
  • How the Government’s Road to Zero strategy supports business mobility 

Kieran Coughlan, Head of asset management, UK Power Networks Services  


  • Harnessing technological innovations to green your buildings 

  • Optimising data to power your innovation strategy
  • The sustainability opportunities of AI and the IoT 

Dr Eva Gkenakou, Sustainability director, Multiplex Construction Europe

Innovation in ENERGY: Embracing the “chaotic revolution”

Inside M&S’s innovation process

Maria Spyrou, Energy efficiency manager, Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick 
Oliver Knowles, Research and development manager – property, M&S




Built Environment

Business Leadership