Innovation in focus: Sustainable RETAIL

Retail in the era of transparency: What you need to know

  • The journey towards complete traceability and transparency in your supply chain 
  • The role of blockchain to support claims at the point of sale and beyond retail
  • Transitioning towards a circular business model and customer engagement

Neliana Fuenmayor, Founder & chief executive, A Transparent Company  

Recommerce: Unlocking a sustainable future for retail

  • Why recommerce is growing at 21 times the rate of traditional retail 
  • Fostering loyalty, profitability and social responsibility through business model innovation 
  • Real-world examples of sustainable retail in action 

John Atcheson, Founder/CEO, Stuffstr 

Sustainable innovation through people: Collaboration, partnerships and engagement projects

PlanBeyond: A sustainability strategy to promote partnership working

  • Why is it so important to develop strong internal and external networks and partnerships?
  • How can innovation and ideas across major global organisations be captured effectively and not just lost in the noise? 
  • Examples of where and how partnerships and collaborations are leading to real change for good?

Lynsey Clarke, Divisional director, Jacobs   

Driving sustainable innovation through collaboration

  • Defining innovative, pragmatic business strategies for sustainability 
  • Driving sustainable innovation across the business 
  • Working collaboratively on purpose-led programmes   

Sonia Thimmiah, Head of sustainability, RB (Hygiene Home) 

Single-use plastics: Innovating our way out of a sustainability crisis

The Ecover Refillution: Value over volume

  • Exponential growth in plastic production 
  • The different options for a real system change 
  • Creating value to drive re-use 

Tom Domen, Global head of long-term innovation, Ecover

Biotransformation: Next-gen biodegradation technology

  • Advancing science to help turn the tide on plastic pollution 
  • Supporting the ‘3-R’ strategy whilst introducing a 4thR (Redesign) 
  • Providing a safety belt solution for leakages from the circular economy  

Karam Hirji, CFO, Polymateria 




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