SDG Day: Business leadership and the Sustainable Development Goals

The why, what and how of sustainable business leadership

  • Defining ‘sustainability leadership’ through the lens of the SDGs 
  • Aligning business strategy and purpose 
  • A step-change approach to integrating sustainability 

Ben Kellard, Director of business strategy, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Setting your SDG strategy: The crucial steps

  • Merging the SDGs with your existing CSR strategy
  • Identifying where you could have the biggest impact
  • Driving stakeholder engagement with the SDGs

Steve Kenzie, Executive director, UN Global Compact

The business benefits of becoming a Global Goals leader

  • Building supply chain resilience through the SDGs
  • The critical role of cross-sector collaboration
  • Monitoring and measuring your performance against the Goals

Vanessa Wright, Vice-president of global sustainability, Pernod Ricard

Moving from ambition into action with the Goals

Goal 17 in action: How retailers are collaborating for a better world

  • Matching partner objectives with collaboration opportunities
  • Identifying the bets form, and ideal structure, of a partnership
  • Creating a ‘safe space’ to explore pressing sustainable business dilemmas

Peter Andrews, Head of sustainability policy, British Retail Consortium (BRC)

The social sustainability power-hour

Corporates in the fight against modern slavery

  • Developing a modern slavery statement that works 
  • Why partnership is the only way forward 
  • The role of technology 

Ed Lewin, Vice-President, International corporate affairs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

A fairer way to do business: The need-to-know

  • An introduction to the equitable business tool 
  • The distribution of power, purpose and profits 
  • Alternatives to the shareholder first model of business  

Alex Maitland, Future of Business Lead, Oxfam  

Sustainability 2030: The next generation of business leadership

Empowering young people through sustainability

  • How visual storytelling is being used to achieve the Goals
  • Using #Act4SDGs to celebrate SDG successes
  • The role of innovation in making a positive difference

Frederik Dahlmann, 1st Associate professor of strategy & sustainability, University of Warwick - Warwick Business School




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