“Accelerating the resource revolution”

“Accelerating the resource revolution”

If the single-use plastics debate has taught us anything, it’s that businesses are able to quickly mobilise around critical issues to drive resource efficiency. This Theatre was dedicated to the people who are collaborating, innovating and actuating to make the circular economy a reality across all industries.

21 May 2019
  1. Circular Economy Theatre

    Plastics pollution is without doubt the biggest circular economy conundrum business has ever faced, and our Circular Economy Theatre is the place to discuss the potential solutions. In the first of a special two-part debate, a selection of sustainability leaders and experts will provide a strategic-level view on how business can collaborate, innovate and actuate to eliminate single-use plastics.

    Session chair: Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder, A Plastic Planet

  2. Circular Economy Theatre

    Where to start... After years of uncertainty and complexity in the build-up to Brexit, this session seeks to provide the clarity we all need by hearing from a selection of environmental policymakers, industry leaders and resource efficiency experts about the UK’s resources and waste strategy.

    Session chair: Libby Forrest, Policy and parliamentary affairs officer, ESA

  3. Circular Economy Theatre

    Changing sustainability behaviours and attitudes across a business is often cited as the biggest challenge facing sustainability and resource efficiency professionals. In this session, we will explore how that engagement challenge can be turned into a golden opportunity for entire industries to go circular.

    Session chair: Trewin Restorick, Founder and chief executive, Hubbub

  4. Circular Economy Theatre

    With reports continuing to show that the vast majority of consumers have never heard of the ‘circular economy’, it’s no surprise that mainstreaming the concept remains a major challenge for business. This session will see industry experts discuss the role that sustainability and resource efficiency professionals can play in changing how people think and act towards the circular economy.

    Session chair: Trewin Restorick, Founder and chief executive, Hubbub

  5. Circular Economy Theatre

    It is imperative that we develop new ways of doing business to ensure growth does not come at the expense of the world's diminishing natural resources, and that businesses are benefitting all aspects society through sustainability and resource efficiency. In this final session of Day 1, we will hear from the organisations that are doing just that.

    Session chair: Jessica Stewart, Project manager, SYSTEMIQ 

22 May 2019
  1. Circular Economy Theatre

    Every revolution needs its leaders. And when it comes to the global resource revolution, those leaders are the businesses that are redesigning systems, shaking up business models and embracing a zero-waste mindset. This first session of Day 2 will hear from the inspirational business leaders that are accelerating the circular economy transition.

    Session chair: Laure Cucuron, General manager, TerraCycle Europe

  2. Circular Economy Theatre

    This session is the second of a special two-part debate, with a fresh selection of sustainability leaders and experts ready to provide a strategic-level view on how business can collaborate, innovate and actuate to eliminate single-use plastics. 

    Session chair: Paul Vanston, Chief Executive, Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment (INCPEN) 

  3. Circular Economy Theatre

    The need to adopt transparent and sustainable supply chain and procurement models has never been more important in the context of our circular economy transition. This session will hear from a selection of sustainability and supply chain experts who are taking the lead on supplier engagement to drive resource efficiency and enhance sustainable development.   

    Session chair: Dr Rosanna Cole, Lecturer in sustainable supply chain management, Surrey Business School 

  4. Circular Economy Theatre
    Small businesses and public-sector organisations are the backbone of the UK economy, with the former representing more than 99% of businesses and the latter providing the vital services that keep the country going. In this focused session, we’ll hear from sustainability professionals across both sectors to explore the barriers and opportunities facing the circular economy transition. 

    Session chair: Steve Read, Vice chair, ADEPT’s Waste Group and Director of energy, waste and environment, West Sussex County Council 

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