“The place for clean, efficient and smart business ideas”  

“The place for clean, efficient and smart business ideas”


From key energy policy updates and strategic insights through to low-carbon technology case studies and operational best practice, the Energy Theatre is a must-attend for anyone seeking to cut carbon emissions, increase efficiencies and unlock new revenue-driving energy opportunities.

2019 Agenda

21 May 2019
  1. Energy Theatre
    With reports confirming we are now off-track to meet our national emissions targets in the 2020s and 2030s, is the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy encouraging the right level of business action? Can legislative frameworks and schemes such as ESOS Phase 2, Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting and the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund help to pull us back on-track?
  2. Energy Theatre

    Decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitisation and democratisation are together changing the way that energy is generated and used. Businesses now have more power than ever before in the energy market – and this session is all about seizing the opportunity to achieve a sustainable energy future, today.


  3. Energy Theatre

    Aligning energy reduction targets with individuals’ motivations and behaviours is the holy grail for energy managers – but it is far more easily said than done. How can we make energy efficiency second-nature for employees? And, as new data management systems and technologies minimise the need for human intervention, will we need to change behaviours at all?

  4. Energy Theatre

    The built environment is at the heart of our economic growth, but to achieve good development on a planet stressed by climate change and diminishing natural resources, our buildings must be low-carbon and ultra-efficient. This session will hear from the businesses that are leading the green building movement.

  5. Energy Theatre

    From artificial intelligence and cloud-based systems through to the Internet of Things and building information modelling – the world of energy data is undergoing a huge transformation. This session will explore how energy managers can use data to drive down usage, increase efficiencies, and unlock new revenue-driving opportunities.

22 May 2019
  1. Energy Theatre

    Devising and delivering a comprehensive energy efficiency strategy is no easy task for any organisation, no matter its size or sector. This opening session of the day will hear from energy leaders from three different industries, to showcase exactly what makes a successful energy strategy.

  2. Energy Theatre
    Renewable energy costs are tumbling and new approaches to energy management such as battery storage are offering new ways for organisations to build resilience whilst cutting costs and increasing revenues. This session gives you everything you need to know about renewable energy and batter storage to achieve clean growth.
  3. Energy Theatre

    Session synopsis:

    Transport is responsible for a quarter of global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions – but the solutions are ready, here, now. This session will see fleet managers and energy experts share their experiences of business fleet electrification, and discuss the steps that can be taken to accelerate the e-mobility transition.

  4. Energy Theatre
    What does the energy system of the future look like? Will blockchain, the Internet of Things and AI be the norm? What impact will this have on the national grid? And – crucially – what does all of this mean for the role of the energy manager?

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