“Harnessing technological breakthroughs for a sustainable future”    

“Harnessing technological breakthroughs for a sustainable future”



Businesses are operating in an era of unparalleled innovation and technological change. From disruptive new business models and redesigned products through to the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, this brand-new-for-2019 Theatre was dedicated to the cutting-edge innovations that are shaping the green economy.

2019 Agenda

21 May 2019
  1. Innovation Theatre

    Innovation isn’t just about deploying new technologies, it’s about developing new ways of thinking, fostering creativity and embracing disruption. In this opening session, a panel of sustainability and innovation experts will discuss how businesses can harness green innovation through the creation and development of ideas. Panellists will include the participants of the Future Systems Hackathon, which is taking place LIVE over the two days of the show.

    Session chair: Adam Woodhall, Advisor, activator and author, Inspiring Sustainability

  2. Innovation Theatre

    This session will hear from innovation experts across the areas of Government, business management and product development to explore what leadership looks like when it comes to harnessing technological breakthroughs for a sustainable future.

     Session chair: David Bent, Strategy advisor and social entrepreneur 

  3. Innovation Theatre

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. Technological advancements are appearing rapidly and simultaneously across the globe, and organisations large and small are turning to the latest digital innovations to gain strategic advantage over their counterparts. This session explores how these innovations can help to drive more sustainable manufacturing processes.

    Session chair: David Bent, Strategy advisor and social entrepreneur 

  4. Innovation Theatre

    edie Live 2019 is all about turning ambitions into actions, and in this session we’ll hear from three organisations that are doing just that, with in-depth case studies offering up real-life examples of how innovative technologies and systems can be applied across the spectrum of sustainable business.

    Session chair: Harsh Pershad, Senior innovation lead (energy), UKRI INNOVATEUK

  5. Innovation Theatre

    At an edie Energy Leaders Club event late last year, former National Grid boss Steve Holliday championed the role that businesses and innovators have played in igniting a "chaotic revolution" in the energy sector – whether that be through decentralisation, smart grid technologies or clean energy systems. In this session, we hear from three of those energy innovation champions...

    Session chair: Harsh Pershad, Senior innovation lead (energy), UKRI INNOVATEUK

22 May 2019
  1. Innovation Theatre

    The retail sector is going through a period of great transformation. Amid an ever-changing backdrop of new shopping habits, disruptive new business models and the prolific growth of digital retail, this session will explore the innovation opportunities that lie in waiting for British retailers to achieve a sustainable future, today. 

    Session chair: Ivana Gazibara, Associate director, Forum for the Future

  2. Innovation Theatre

    Innovation for sustainability doesn’t always start with your idea - in fact, many of the best sustainable innovation projects have been delivered through competitions, collaborations or community engagement programmes. In this session, we’ll hear from a spread of organisations that are utilising ‘people power’ to drive towards a more sustainable future for their sectors.  

    Session chair: Dr Mike Pitts, Deputy challenge director - transforming construction, Innovate UK 

  3. Innovation Theatre

    Business as usual is no longer good enough for businesses when it comes to environmental stewardship and climate mitigation. In a world press by resource constraints and energy intensive operations, the need is clear for organisations to take the innovation ‘leap of faith’ and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

    This podcast episode, brought to you in association with facilities management company Mitie, brings together an array of sustainability and energy managers, innovators and experts to discuss how businesses can build the business case for innovation and then scale-up innovative new products and services to bring about drastic improvements to resource use and carbon footprints.

  4. Innovation Theatre

    The scourge of single-use plastics shows no signs of abating, leaving many businesses caught between a rock and a hard place; committing to plastic phase-outs in response to consumer pressures whilst desperately seeking solutions and trying to avoid unintended consequences. The answer: innovation. This session will hear from a variety of perspectives on how sustainable product and packaging innovations could solve the plastics crisis.

    Session chair: Rob Holdway, Director, Giraffe Innovation 

  5. Innovation Theatre

    Post-hackathon discussion about the results and what happens next.

    Session chair: Adam Woodhall, Advisor, activator and author, Inspiring Sustainability

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