“Strategic insights to transform business, for good”

“Strategic insights to transform business, for good”

The Sustainability Keynote is dedicated to the people, policies and projects that have the potential to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient economy. Day One will explore the global megatrends and progressive CSR strategies; and Day Two - edie Live's SDG Day - will take a Sustainable Development Goal focus, with the entire programme structured around the 17 Goals. This stage provides the strategic-level focus required to turn your sustainability ambitions into actions.

NEW! SDG Day at edie Live 2019 (22 May)

“Turning the SDGs from ambitions into actions”

edie Live’s SDG Day is all about allowing businesses to share ideas and discover new actions that can be taken to achieve the SDGs. The entire programme of our Sustainability Keynote is structured around the 17 Goals, this day is a must-attend for anyone with an interest in enhancing sustainable development. 

21 May 2019
  1. Sustainability Keynote Theatre

    From Brexit and the 25-Year Environment Plan to climate change, resource scarcity and economic growth – this opening session of the Sustainability Keynote defines the external drivers, challenges and opportunities that are together shaping our green business future.

    Chair: Belinda Gordon, Strategy director, Green Alliance 

  2. Sustainability Keynote Theatre

    Throughout 2018-19, edie’s Mission Possible campaign has been inspiring and empowering businesses to be bold and ramp up their ambitions to achieve a sustainable future. Now, we must turn those ambitions into actions, and this session will hear from the business leaders and changemakers who are doing just that.

    Chair: Matt Mace, Content editor, edie

  3. Sustainability Keynote Theatre

    What does it take to change behaviours and get key stakeholders engaged with sustainability? It’s the million-pound question facing sustainability and energy professionals across the country – and this session has the answers. From TCFD reporting to purpose-led behaviour change campaigns, these speakers have got it covered.

    Session chair: Iain Patton, Chief executive, EAUC 

  4. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    Leadership in the post-CSR era

    As climate-related impact and social well-being become more business critical, some organisations in the vanguard of sustainability are ready to push through to a “post-CSR” era, where sustainability isn’t a siloed operation of the business. This podcast episode will hear from the sustainability leads across a range of companies as part of a small roundtable discussion on embedding sustainability across the business.
22 May 2019
  1. Sustainability Keynote Theatre

    'SDG Day' on the Sustainability Keynote stage kicks off with an all-star cast of eminent business leaders and sustainable development experts who will together explore what successful, responsible and purposeful business looks like through the lens of the UN Global Goals.

    Chair: Emily Auckland, Network director & co-chair, UKSSD

  2. Sustainability Keynote Theatre

    Some 10,000+ companies around the world have now pledged to support the SDGs in some shape or form, but a huge proportion are yet to set any measurable targets to achieve the Goals or measure progress against them. This session will showcase the businesses that are using the SDG framework to drive positive ACTION, and already seeing the results.

    Chair: Emily Auckland, Network director & co-chair, UKSSD

  3. Sustainability Keynote Theatre

    The way business identifies and manages its impacts on people is a powerful extra force driving progress towards the SDGs, and could unlock new markets and drive growth. In this one-hour session, we’ll hear from social sustainability experts and business leaders on how to proactively manage impacts on employees, workers in the value chain, customers and local communities.

    Chair: Gudrun Cartwright, Environment director, Business in the Community (BITC)

  4. Sustainability Keynote Theatre

    edie's 30 Under 30 is a dynamic new community of young, talented sustainability and energy professionals aged under 30 who have already achieved great things and are showing fantastic promise. In this inspiring final session of the show, a panel of these youthful visionaries will discuss what the future holds for corporate sustainability.

    Chair: Luke Nicholls, Editor, edie

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