Challenges and opportunities of decentralised energy: Carbon vs Cost

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The third party costs that have driven up the price of energy have paid for the low carbon generation infrastructure that now delivers an ever growing proportion of our electricity. We are now seeing record number of days per year where no fossil fuel power is required as we move towards a decentralised low / zero carbon future. This transformation means that carbon dioxide associated with electricity use is dropping and therefore energy strategy decisions taken today will have significant bearing on future liabilities. Carbon is becoming an increasingly more prevalent topic in boardrooms across the UK, and our purpose is to offer smart, sustainable and personalised solutions for UK businesses. Join us to talk through the challenges and opportunities of On site generation and how your business can get the right balance between carbon/cost and security of supply.

Book your slot with Steven Jeffers, our Strategic Account Programme Manager on Day 1, or Annalisa Bell, our Solutions Strategic Account Manager on Day 2 to find out how solutions can impact your business. 


Annalisa Bell, Solutions strategic account manager - E.ON
Steven Jeffers, Strategic program manager - E.ON




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