Britain’s flexible future and the four D's

21 May 2019
Energy Theatre

“Onsite renewables in a post-subsidy world” 

  • Working out if solar is right for your business 
  • Electricity system flexibility: The current state of play 
  • What the future holds for the UK energy grid, and what that means for YOU 

Leonie Greene, Director, Solar Trade Association 

“Embracing the chaotic energy revolution: The business opportunity” 

Andy Hadland, AMEI, Member Energy Institute Council 

Presentation TBC 
Joe Warren, Co-founder and director, ZTP 

"Zero-carbon cities: Nottingham’s story so far"

  • Energy innovation in a Local Authority setting 
  • Making energy services commercial 
  • Becoming carbon-neutral by 2028 

Wayne Bexton, Head of energy services, Nottingham City Council 

Panel discussion: “Achieving a flexible future, today: How can we turn challenges into opportunities?”

Leonie Greene, Director - Solar Trade Association
Wayne Bexton, Head of energy services - Nottingham City Council
Andy Hadland, AMEI, Member of the Energy Institute Council and chief development officer Arenko Cleantech
Joe Warren, Co-founder and director - ZTP




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