Pathways to clean growth: Renewables, storage and decentralisation

22 May 2019
Energy Theatre

"Decentralised energy: How businesses can turn ambition into action"

  • Tapping into the opportunities of energy storage and demand-response
  • Why decarbonisation and industry competitiveness go hand-n-hand 
  • Taking your energy efficiency strategy onto the next level  

Joanne Wade, Deputy director, Association for Decentralised Energy 

“10-minute success story: the UK's first subsidy-free industrial solar project”

  • Solar price trends and levelised cost of energy 
  • Unsubsidised solar internationally 
  • How to make it work in the UK 

Philip Wolfe, Founder, WolfeWare Limited

"Embracing ‘the four D’s’ of energy: Northumbrian Water’s success story" 

  • Decarbonisation: Switching to 100% renewables  
  • Democratisation: Capitalising on the demand response market 
  • Decentralisation: Investing in second-life battery storage 
  • Digitisation: Managing big energy data effectively 

Anthony Browne, Energy development manager, Northumbrian Water 

"Ensuring energy flexibility in the face of market uncertainty" 

  • Investing without certainty 
  • Finding long term value and relevance 
  • Build for the future not just today 

John Flaherty, Business development director, SMS Plc 

Panel discussion: “100% renewable in an unsubsidised world: what’s stopping us?”      

Joanne Wade, Deputy director - The Association for Decentralised Energy
Anthony Browne, Energy development manager - Northumbrian Water
Philip Wolfe, Founder - WolfeWare Limited
John Flaherty, Business development director - SMS plc




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