People, policy and products: Why innovation is so critical for sustainability and energy

21 May 2019
Innovation Theatre

"Innovation for energy and sustainability through your PEOPLE"

  • Securing buy-in and investment to innovate
  • Involving staff, suppliers and customer in a vision for responsible business
  • Making time to 'innovate' within your work

Simon Graham, Head of innovation, De Courcy Alexander

"Innovation for energy and sustainability through PARTNERSHIPS" 

Zachary Rootes, Sustainability advisor – leadership & innovation, UK Green Building Council 

“Innovation for energy and sustainability through PRODUCTS” 

  • Our proposition journey  
  • Working with partners to deliver bespoke solutions based on customer need 
  • How making one change towards flexible energy management will benefit businesses on their low carbon journey

Vincent de Rul, Director of energy solutions, EDF Energy  

Panel discussion: "How can business and Government collaborate on green innovation?"



David Bent, Strategy advisor & social entrepreneur
Simon Graham, Head of innovation - De Courcy Alexander
Vincent de Rul, Director of energy solutions - EDF Energy
Zachary Rootes, Sustainability advisor - leadership & innovation - UK Green Building Council




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Business Leadership