The big energy behaviour change debate

21 May 2019
Energy Theatre

"How technology can support your behaviour change strategy"

  • Capgemini’s behaviour change success story
  • Using tech to minimise travel
  • Why a bit of healthy competition can go a long way

Dr James Robey, Global head of corporate sustainability, Capgemini

"Does energy behaviour change in retail still have its place?" 

  • Energy behaviour change case study at Tesco 
  • Learnings and behaviour change quick wins 
  • Can staff engagement still play an important role when we have technology? 

Rebecca Douglas, Energy manager, Tesco

"From finance to suppliers: How to engage different stakeholders with your energy strategy"

  • Utilising social media to spark ideas and actions
  • Creating a movement to lead the charge
  • Getting the board on board with new energy investments

Dr Bernd Leven, Group head of energy performance, Vodafone

"People versus technology: Tools for effective energy engagement" 

  • With increased automation, big data and controls, is there still a need for behaviour change? 
  • Why invest in ‘people power’ over more tangible and traditional improvement projects? 
  • Where should you start on your behaviour change journey? 

George Richards, Director, JRP Solutions

Panel discussion:

"How can energy managers harness the momentum of the recent climate protests?"

Lesley Rudd, Sustainable energy association - Chief Executive
Bernd Leven, Group head of energy performance - Vodafone Group
George Richards, Director - JRP Solutions
James Robey, Global head of environmental sustainability - Capgemini
Rebecca Douglas, Energy manager - Tesco




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