Ahead of the curve: How to make your business a resource efficiency leader

22 May 2019
Circular Economy Theatre
Circular Economy

Presentation title TBC 

Laure Cucuron, General manager, TerraCycle Europe 

"Sustainability Leadership: JPA Furniture’s resource efficiency success story"

  • Delivering measurable value through sustainability 
  • Waste hierarchy and resource maximisation in office furniture supply 
  • Eliminating office furniture waste through circular approach 

Fiona Edwards, Commercial and sustainability director, JPA Furniture

"How one million tonnes of carpet waste were diverted from Landfill"

  • Why we exist and our achievements 
  • The problems with carpet waste 
  • Design for recycling and resource efficiency 

Adnan Zeb-Khan, Scheme manager, Carpet Recycling UK

"Waste management: How effective supply chain collaboration reduces costs, carbon, and improves CSR"

  • B&M Waste and what we have done for our own business 
  • How to adopt the waste hierarchy to become more resource aware 
  • Change the Product! How to collaborate with packaging manufacturers, wholesale distributors and technology providers to reduce waste, increase recycling etc. 

Amber Greenhalgh, Commercial director, B&M Waste Services 

Panel discussion: 

“Beyond Blue Planet 2: How can businesses drive engagement on other aspects of resource efficiency?” 

Laure Cucuron, General manager - TerraCycle Europe
Adnan Zeb-Khan , Carpet recycling UK scheme manager - Carpet Recycling UK
Fiona Edwards, Commercial & sustainability director - JPA Furniture
Amber Greenhalgh, Commercial director - B&M Waste Services




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