Britain and resource efficiency policy: A new direction for business

21 May 2019
Circular Economy Theatre
Circular Economy

What incentives will be required to shift to a circular economy? 

  • What incentives for producers? 
  • What incentives for consumers? 
  • What incentives for the waste management industry? 

Professor Paul Ekins, OBE, Professor of resources and environmental policy, Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources 

"A litter and waste-free society: The role of economic incentives and innovative thinking"

  • How EPR can incentivise producers to reduce both waste and litter  
  • The role of a ‘well-designed’ DRS on consumer behaviour 
  • Innovation – scalable ideas for litter prevention 

Allison Ogden-Newton, Chief Executive, Keep Britain Tidy  

"The end of abundance: Changing perceptions and behaviours in a thirsty world"

  • The true value of water – a global and UK perspective 
  • Is there enough water to go around here in the UK 
  • How we all need to do more by using less water 

Glenn Smith, Sales and marketing director, Wave

"The beverage can: An example of a true circular economy"

  • The case for cans 
  • The role of an EPR reform 
  • How to implement an effective DRS system 

Marcel Arsand, Chairman, Can Makers

Panel discussion: "Is the new Resources & Waste Strategy ambitious enough to drive a circular economy?"

Libby Forest , Policy and parliamentary affairs officers - ESA
Allison Ogden-Newton, Chief executive - Keep Britain Tidy
Marcel Arsand, Chairman - Can Makers
Professor Paul Ekins OBE, Professor of resources and environmental policy & director of the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources - UCL
Glenn Smith, Sales and marketing director - Wave




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