SMEs & the public sector: circular economy barriers & opportunities

22 May 2019
Circular Economy Theatre
Circular Economy

"Yellow Octopus Fashion: How a small brand can have a BIG sustainability impact"

  • The reGAIN app: edie’s Circular Economy Innovation of the Year for 2019
  • Forming new collaborations to tackle textile waste
  • Using technology to change behaviours for the better
Jack Ostrowski, Chief executive, Yellow Octopus Fashion

"Learning from Green UCL: How to embed sustainability in the education system"

  • Creating a network of ‘Green Champions’ to tackle the challenges of sustainability
  • Sustainability Fortnight: Closing the sustainability skills gap
  • Using our public-sector positioning to create a sense of community

Richard Jackson, Director of sustainability, University College London

"Little Freddie: How new brands can unlock new sustainability opportunities"

  • Little Freddie’s innovative circular economy approach to pouch recycling 
  • A global perspective on implementing circular economy solutions 
  • Working to engage consumers on a tricky topic 

Jess Ainley, Environmental & sustainability manager, Little Freddie Organic Baby Food 

"Recycling Lives: Changing the way business is done"

  • Delivering commercial and social value – how its done
  • Using resource efficiency to create social impact
  • How to create tangible CSR case studies

Simon Edwards, Commercial director, Recycling Lives


Panel discussion:

“Sustainability leadership: What can big businesses learn from SMEs (and vice-versa)?”

Steve Read, Vice Chair, ADEPT’s Waste Group and Director of energy, waste and environment - West Sussex County Council
Jack Ostrowski, CEO - Yellow Octopus Fashion
Jess Ainley , Environmental & sustainability manager - Little Freddie Organic Baby Food
Richard Jackson, Director of sustainability - University College London
Simon Edwards, Commercial director - Recycling Lives




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