Supply chains, frameworks and standards for circularity

22 May 2019
Circular Economy Theatre
Circular Economy

"Leading the way on the circular economy using ocean-bound plastics" 

  • Creating a global supply chain of ocean-bound plastics 
  • How to engage thousands of suppliers with your sustainability journey 
  • Setting ambitious goals to drive change across your networks 

Mark Dempsey, Sustainability manager and environmental policy advisor, HP 

“An industry in crisis: Why we need a Fashion Revolution” 

  • What fashion brands can learn from the plastics crisis 
  • Changing the beliefs and attitudes of consumers 
  • Weaving circularity into long-standing fashion retail models 

Sarah Ditty, Policy director, Fashion Revolution  

"Accelerating a transition to a circular office through procurement"

  • The wealth of opportunity from carpets, furniture and IT to food, plastics and paper  
  • Understanding the solutions and asking the right questions  
  • Stories of action to inspire 

Libby Sandbrook, Head of circular economy, BITC 

Panel discussion: 

“Achieving Goal 12: How can the SDGs accelerate the circular economy transition?” 

Rosanna Cole, Lecturer in sustainable supply chain management - Surrey Business School
Mark Dempsey, Sustainability manager and environmental policy advisor - HPInc
Sarah Ditty, Policy director - Fashion Revolution
Libby Sandbrook, Head of circular economy - BITC




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