The big idea: How to unlock innovation in your business (PLUS: An introduction to the Future Systems Hackathon)

21 May 2019
Innovation Theatre

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Adam Woodhall, Advisor, activator & author, Inspiring Sustainability 

"Overcoming the barriers to innovation in your business" 

  • Innovation through procurement: technology, behaviours and people
  • Applying innovation maturity models to your sustainability strategy 
  • In practice: How innovation is driving the transition to zero-carbon railway stations 

Shamit Gaiger, Director of strategic advisory, AECOM

“ProjectX: Our mission to radically transform 10 industries in 10 years"

  • Achieving business model transformation through the adoption of sustainable innovations  
  • Self-interest: The key to collective action around climate change and biodiversity 
  • Gaining Corporate engagement at industry level to innovate for a sustainable future 

Marcela Navarro, Chief executive and co-founder, ProjectXGlobal

Presentation TBC
Thomas Michalak,
 Creative director, Graphite Design

Panel discussion:  

“People vs Technology: Where should innovation come from?” 

Adam Woodhall, Advisor, activator & author - Inspiring Sustainability
Marcela Navarro, CEO & Co-founder - ProjectXGlobal
Shamit Gaiger, Director of strategic advisory - AECOM
Thomas Michalak, Creative director - Graphite Digital




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