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edie Live 2018

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  • Nedap offers a wireless connected light management solution which enables users to unlock and sustain the full potential of LED lighting. Nedap differentiates with a brand independent platform.
  • The video of our low-temperature thermal hydrolysis plant in Central Europe.
  • Have power anywhere, anytime.
  • Understand how Perpetual V2G's smart power solution works and power your fleet from within today!
  • BT award

    25 Jul 2017
    Invisible Systems Win BT IoT Award
  • Squeezing the most out of ESOS

    02 May 2018 | JRP Solutions
    ESOS experts from JRP Solutions hosted an informative webinar on ESOS Phase 2. What lessons were learned from Phase 1? How do you get the most out of ESOS?
  • A dynamic, user-friendly, web-based project management and reporting tool that helps you make better business decisions with real-time, actionable information.
  • A user-friendly, interactive, eLearning programme that will help your employees understand what energy is, how energy use impacts our environment and how they can use less energy at home and at work.
  • No Risk, No Cost Energy Efficiency Funding

    02 May 2018 | JRP Solutions
    A unique service that overcomes barriers to delivering energy efficiencies by, providing all the resources you need to achieve your energy objectives and carbon reduction targets.
  • Encore cisterns

    23 Apr 2018
    Installation video
  • Key messages from UK energy professionals on energy efficiency, Brexit negotiation priorities and the future energy workforce.
  • Pre-recorded webinar by NQA's Commercial Director Laura Fletcher on why looking at NQA for your training and certification needs is a good idea.
  • The Glenmorangie Company explain how ISO 14001 certification with NQA has enabled them to reduce environmental impacts and give their customers peace of mind whilst enjoying a wee dram.
  • Costa share how their NQA certification to ISO 50001 has enabled them to win new business, reduce energy consumption, maintain quality and save money for shareholders.
  • Richard Walsh, Energy & Environmental Management Systems Principle Assessor at NQA UK, gives an overview of the changes to ISO 14001:2015.
  • MonitorPro 13 Version is Now Available. Discover the NEW Interface with a sleeker look and feel, with added functionality for better user experience. Remove the risk of non-compliance with the worl
  • EndoTherm Energy Saving Additive

    17 Apr 2018 | EndoTherm
    EndoTherm is an energy saving additive for wet heating system. It has been independently proven to save up to 15% on heating costs
  • EcoCooling Overview

    10 Nov 2017 | EcoCooling
    A basic introduction to EcoCooling and what we do.
  • Sustain Us

    14 Sep 2017 | Helistrat
    Internal Training Workshops
  • Business resilience needs energy resilience

    09 Apr 2018 | Centrica Business Solutions
    Overcome costly energy-related failures with a resilience strategy.
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  • KLM UK Engineering Limited, a maintenance repair organisation of AFIKLM E&M Network in the United Kingdom, has implemented Nedap’s Luxon light management platform, allowing KLM UK Engineering Limited to manage its new hangar lighting online. The use of connected LED lighting will result in significant energy savings, which is completely in line with the company's sustainability goals.

  • Hotels around the world choose Orca as a solution to reduce waste costs & employee safety.

  • ORCA is the ultimate waste management system. Working on site in your facility to "digest" all your food waste, ORCA turns it into environmentally safe water that flows straight into the municipal sewage system. With no bags or garbage bins of food waste to dispose of, there's no need to pay for trucks to haul the waste to landfills or remote composting facilities.

    ORCA's food-waste disposal solution also solves the problem of pests such as fruit flies and unpleasant odors associated with food waste storage. It also reduces the burden on workers, who otherwise risk injury from carrying heavy garbage bags of waste to loading docks, sometimes up and down flights of stairs.

    For your bottom line, ORCA waste disposal management represents great savings by eliminating the cost of having your food waste trucked to landfill sites.

  • GridBeyond is delighted to announce that they will be exhibiting during Edie Live 2018: The Event for Sustainable Business, on 22-23 May in NEC Birmingham.

    The grid balancing experts will be available on stand M22 in the Energy Innovation space from 9:30 am until 5 pm, to discuss how demand side response not only generates stable revenue streams but also helps the UK’s electricity network to use more renewable energy sources. 

  • Our investment decisions are underpinned by robust principles and policies designed to ensure that each investment's green impact is assessed, monitored and reported to the highest standard.

  • The process of distilling whisky creates by-products that can be a feed source for sheep and cattle.

    This report looks at the entire lifecycle impacts of using some forms of these by-products in renewable energy, traditional animal feed or concentrated dark grains animal feed.

  • What do you do if your novel product is seemingly better for the environment and lasts longer than the industry standard but is more expensive upfront? How do you persuade the industry that it is worth investing in your product? The answer for one of our clients has been to commission a life cycle assessment which demonstrates that its product has a carbon footprint 5x smaller than the industry standard.

  • In a previous blog we wrote about the value of demonstrating the sustainability of your product through a life cycle assessment (LCA). Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) take this one step further, providing independent verification of your environmental credentials and feeding into wider assessment schemes such as BREEAM. This is something we have done for James Jones & Sons Ltd, who manufactures timber I-joists for use in residential and commercial developments.

  • How to use Scotland’s whisky by-products

    06 Apr 2018 Simon Gandy & Sam Hinton Ricardo

    A key benefit of life cycle assessment (LCA) is its ability to take in the whole picture. LCAs examine incremental contributions to determine the entire impact of a decision over its lifetime. For a product or service this can be relatively straightforward. However, when we apply this to a policy, we often do not have a specific design in mind and want to pose a series of ‘what-if’ questions to understand how we can guide decision making to reach an environmentally sustainable outcome. This makes our work slightly more complex but yields fascinating results!

  • For such a high-use product, your average loo hasn’t changed much since Victorian times. In 2017, the efficient toilet company Propelair was flushed with an £8m Investec-led investment. Here, Propelair’s Garry Moore and Investec’s David Phillips talk about the investment, and the aim of saving water, cash and Cape Town.

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