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Flexitricity is the demand response pioneer and an innovative business energy supplier. In the ten years since we started live demand response operations from our Edinburgh control room, the energy market has changed radically. That’s why in 2018 we created a direct access to electricity and gas markets for our customers by becoming a supplier and opening a door to the lucrative Balancing Mechanism market.

Through every transition, our mission has always remained the same - we bring revenue to British businesses, increase asset reliability, reduce national CO2 emissions and help to secure energy supplies.

Flexitricity provides clarity amidst complexity, and an assurance of delivery backed by our unbeatable track record in the industry.

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102 West Port
United Kingdom
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  • Flexitricity is a licensed electricity supplier for industrial, commercial and public-sector energy users, small generator owners and battery developers. A major part of this package is providing access to the Balancing Mechanism (BM).

  • Participation in frequency response offers businesses a valuable new revenue stream.

    Flexitricity has expertise and years of experience in delivering frequency response services. We are the sole demand response provider in National Grid’s Enhanced Frequency Control Capability project, which will set the standard for future frequency response services.


  • Triad management is one of the most lucrative demand response revenue sources. Flexitricity’s triad management record is unbeatable.

  • We pay customers to use electricity when there’s too much wind energy.

  • Short term operating reserve (STOR) is National Grid's most important source of reserve energy. Flexitricity is the most experienced STOR aggregator in GB.

  • For DNOs, location matters more than anything else. To find out if your site can earn money by helping the DNOs, come visit our stand or contact us today.




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