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Inspired Energy is the UK’s leading TPI helping commercial, industrial and public sector energy consumers to optimise the value of every pound spent on utilities. We do this by solving their utility problems, any or all of which can impact the profitability, productivity and reputation of organisations if not addressed.

As an independent consultancy, we’ve got the strategic brains and technical expertise to solve just about any utility challenge you care to throw at us, regardless of your business size or complexity.

We understand that rising energy costs form a constant challenge for businesses. Identifying and capturing any opportunities for savings and efficiencies are essential. From securing the best supply contracts to mitigating rising non-commodity charges to complying with growing legislation, we have the expertise and track record to help your business.


29 Progress Business Park, Orders Lane
United Kingdom
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  • Energy is integral to the running of any business, but because energy prices fluctuate daily, buying energy at the right time is critical to meeting your budgetary requirements. That’s why we have the solution for every procurement challenge, ensuring that your business can be confident when buying energy.

  • Energy and water costs need constant management to ensure you are meeting your budgetary goals and maximising all available cost avoidance and savings opportunities. In short, taking action now to futureproof your business against rising utilities costs is the best investment you can make.

  • Incomplete and inaccurate data are problems that stop businesses in their tracks when it comes to delivering successful energy management strategies. We deliver high quality utility bureau services to ensure that energy consumers can pay their bills with confidence and make informed investment decisions around their utilities.

  • Businesses face a raft of energy legislation which they need to comply with or face reputational and financial penalties. Likewise, there are schemes available which reward sound energy management behaviour which can drive businesses to best practice performance.

  • Identifying and tracking unusual patterns of consumption is part of any effective energy management program. The start to any such activity begins with effective metering and sub-metering solutions so that you can measure what you use. From here, our Optimisation experts can perform detailed analysis to highlight areas to reduce wastage and make savings.

  • Site Operations and Metering projects can be very demanding and time consuming and as a result can cause massive and damaging delays to companies if not delivered effectively.

  • With policies and regulations constantly being updated, replaced or introduced within the energy sector it is important that you are kept aware of these changes. Our experience within the energy and utility market enables us to support our clients in navigating these changes.

  • We provide a comprehensive range of relevant and meaningful management information across all utilities so that you can make informed decisions. Our Software Services and Reporting teams make available a wide range of reports so that consumers can take control of their energy and water usage and monitor consumption at meter, site or group level.

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