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We are a leading UK designer and manufacturer of waste handling equipment

As experts in the industry we specialise in manufacturing the right waste reducing solutions for a wide range of clientele. Our baler & compactor solutions radically reduce the carbon footprint of our clientele, as well as improving their bottom line

Benefits include;

  • Reduced waste on site; Typically 50%
  • Increased, valuable space on site from reduction of skips & bins
  • Decreased collections
  • Less vehicle movements on site and emissions to environment
  • Less build up & overflow of waste on site from late collections or influxes of material
  • Improved site safety; Less trip hazards
  • Value for money; All of our equipment is long lasting, created to the highest standards

On top of this we give you the option to trade in your equipment for something more suitable should your requirements change over time

How we enable you to be sustainable for the future

With landfill space becoming increasingly strained and rates growing every April, we work with your business to decrease as much waste sent to landfill as possible, recycling more to benefit the planet, and compacting any general waste left over to further reduce waste sent to landfill, all whilst improving your bottom line

To do this we offer free health checks on your current waste disposal systems to assess the most cost effective solutions and options for you to choose from. We provide a clear, full break down of where the savings are made; typically savings are made on reduced collections which cancel out the cost of the equipment along with rebates for baled material adding to your bottom line

As one of the only UK manufacturers this means;

  • No shipping costs
  • Saving on emissions from importing and transporting to a UK base before being transported again to your site
  • Expertise & parts are readily on hand and will not have to be imported
  • Quicker lead times
  • Creating jobs locally

Solar Panel Solutions

As leaders in our field, we were the first to innovate a solar panel solution, for a well-known English heritage site that had no power available where the compactor was needed. At Pearce Compaction we seek to overcome any issue you may have and make companies more sustainable for the future when it comes to waste handling

Our client base includes the likes of well know hotel chains, English heritage sites, national museums, shopping centres, manufactures, distributers, pubs, restaurants, workshops, multi sited, independent companies & more

Whatever the need we have a cost effective solution that will help you save money on your waste disposal


2 Bessmer Close
Ebblake Industrial Estate
Verwood, South
BH31 6AZ
United Kingdom

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