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SMS Plc has been at the heart of the UK energy market for over two decades and is today playing a critical role in transforming and decarbonising the UK energy system.

A major energy services and smart metering company with technology, data and sustainability at the core its ethos and business model, SMS Plc is leading the smart energy revolution in Britain, serving energy suppliers, the industrial and commercial sector, and the wider domestic market to realise the environmental and financial benefits of smarter energy practice.

A trusted energy partner providing an end-to-end service, SMS connects, owns, operates and maintains metering systems and databases on behalf of energy suppliers, as well as delivering integrated metering, energy management and utility connection services directly for large energy consumers and multi-site organisations.


Prennau House
Copse Walk
Cardiff Gate Business Park
CF23 8XH
United Kingdom

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  • Utility Plan Provision

    04 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    We offer a bespoke plan provision service for connections projects, providing you with complete clarity over your infrastructure challenges.

  • Isolator Installation Service

    04 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    We are an approved Meter Operator (MOP) with over 20 years experience supplying and installing isolators.

  • Gas Optimisation Projects

    04 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    We assess your gas metering and consumption requirements to optimise your supply conditions, saving you energy and money.

  • Feasibility Studies

    04 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    We offer a bespoke feasibility service for utility connections, providing you with complete clarity over your project's infrastructure challenges.

  • Disconnection Services

    04 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    Disconnection of utilities forms a key part of any demolition or site redevelopment.  Our experienced and qualified team is able to manage the removal of utlity meters and related infrastructure, as well as the full disconnection of the associated supplies, safely, securely and efficiently.

  • 2Buy2 Energy Services

    04 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    We have been awarded a place on the 2buy2 Utilities and Energy Management Framework

  • CCS Electricity Metering & Data

    04 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    We have been awarded on a place on the Crown Commercial Service RM3800 Utilities Management Software, Metering and Ancillary Services Framework Agreement.

  • ESPO Framework Agreement

    04 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    We have been awarded a place on the ESPO Framework No: 512_16 Half Hourly (HH) Electricity Meter Operator & Data Services

  • Sub-Metering

    04 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    Better data, smarter decisions.  Our sub-metering service provides the measurement you need to manage energy performance for increased efficiency and greater control.



  • SmartVision Pro + Energy Desk

    04 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    With the addition of our Energy Desk, you get all the advantages of SmartVision Pro and its online energy management portal, plus the added benefit of the dedicated support of SMS energy analysts.

  • With the addition to SmartVision Pro and Energy Desk, walkthrough audits will help identify energy savings opportunities at site as well as providing insight into how consumption is utilised across your estate.  This information will then be used to tailor the SmartVision Pro configuration and Energy Desk service for maximum benefit.

  • SmartVision Pro

    03 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    SmartVision Pro is our cloud-based energy management and analytics software platform which helps you promote energy conservation measures and reduce costs through a variety of innovative solutions

  • Smart Flex+

    03 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    Our Smart Flex+ is the full risk management and flexible procurement service

  • Smart Contracts

    03 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    Our Smart Contracts+ service is a fixed procurement and supplier management offering, enabling you to reduce your price risk.

  • ESOS

    03 Apr 2019 SMS Plc

    Large, private UK organisations must comply with Phase 2 of the UK government's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).  However, rather than focusing solely on compliance, our high-value ESOS service provides a clear path from the identification of opportunities to their actual delivery

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