The advice clinics offer visitors free 20-minute, one-to-one consultations with experts in a full range of sustainability topics that are material to their business. 

Our experts will steer you along the route to achieving best practice in sustainability, help you grasp complex issues, absorb new trends, deep dive into strategy and tackle challenges with confidence.

The advice clinics offer a focused appointment to really explore specific challenges and questions and are tailored to each individual visitor.

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2019 edie Live Advice Clinics:

Carbon Management

the planet mark

Are you struggling to measure and reduce your carbon footprint? Is your carbon management programme in need of re-invigorating? Good carbon management brings many benefits, including cutting costs, reducing risk, enhancing reputation, engaging employees and winning business.

The Planet Mark™ clinic can help with any challenges you have around carbon management, from footprinting to target setting and employee engagement right through to contributing meaningfully and measurably to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

On average, holders of The Planet Mark™ are cutting their carbon footprint per employee by more than 10% per year – and saving money in the process.

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Circular Economy


EnTRESS provide advice and guidance to improve resource efficiency through the implementation of circular economy principles, aiming to keep resources in use and get the maximum benefit from them.  This is an alternative to the traditional make, use, dispose linear economy model. 

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Communications and Behaviour Change

barley communications

Communicating green messages in ways that engage and inspire people is critical to raise the profile of green products and services and to achieving much-needed behaviour change. 

Barley delivers communications campaigns that grab media and consumer attention and make an impact - from introducing drinking fountains and coffee cup recycling, to tackling litter and reducing food and textile waste.

If you’re looking to raise your profile, change behaviour or engage your stakeholders this clinic is the place to go for advice from the only communications agency shortlisted for Consultancy of the Year at this year’s edie Sustainability Leaders Awards.

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Our shared expertise across industries helps organisations to implement a sustainable energy strategy that takes into account environmental, economic and social issues. We combine our experience in energy management and delivery capabilities to help you reduce your energy consumption, your CO2 emissions, and your energy bills.

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Modern Slavery


Human Rights due diligence and overall ethical approaches to organisational & supply chain management are being recognised as strategically significant for many organisations. The Ethical Labour Standard (BES6002) has been created to recognise those who wish to seek third party assurance of their practices and provide a maturity pathway to make improvements continuously. The standard specifies the requirements for organisational management to demonstrate an on-going commitment to the principles of ethical labour sourcing in relation to the provision of products and services.

Drop in to this advice clinic to find out how the standard and use of the ELS online tool can provide a framework for assessment for your organisation and the rest of your supply chain thereby mitigating risk and ensuring social justice.

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Built Environment

Business Leadership