edie Live housed a dedicated area for industry professionals to connect with one another, share circular economy ideas and discover ground-breaking plastic waste innovations. Designed by edie's editorial team, this special area of the show was a live 'one-stop-shop' for those seeking solutions to the plastics problem. 

Mission Possible Plastics Hub Thinkathon - Day 1

"Live plastics Thinkathon"

The purpose of the Thinkathon was to help edie Live visitors move from Ambition into Action with their single-use plastics strategy.

Over two, one-hour 45 minute sessions within a dedicated area of the Plastics Hub, groups of 10-12 participants collectively identified at least one new plastic packaging solution that could be scaled up by business as a way of tackling the problem. Solutions were anything from new/amended Government policies to specific packaging material innovations through re-use/redesign.

Facilitated by: Thomas Michalak, Creative Director, Graphite Digital

AMBITION: Mapping out a plastic-free future for business

Starting with a blank canvas, participants discussed and mapped out what a single-use plastic free future looks like for business. How are products designed and used/re-used? How should consumers be engaging with ‘sustainability’ when it comes to product and packaging use? Is there still a place for plastics in business?

ACTION: Achieving that plastic-free future, today

Once the ambition had been set, participants collectively created a list of ‘quick-wins’ and action points that businesses must follow in order to redesign products and packaging, encourage re-use and ultimately avoid single-use plastics.

Mission Possible Plastics Hub Workshop - Day 2

“Single-use plastics: Moving from Ambition into Action”

“Single-use plastics: Moving from Ambition into Action”

It remains the most hotly debated sustainability topic of the moment: plastics pollution. The material represents a major circular economy conundrum for business across the world – so, what are the solutions? And what actions can businesses take to allow those solutions to be scaled-up, today?

This workshop, which took place within the all-new Mission Possible Plastics Hub, saw participants collaborate to identify clear actions that can be taken by sustainability and resource efficiency professionals to help solve the plastics problem – from behavioural change and product redesign through to alternative materials and new technological innovations.

Facilitated by: Rob Holdway, Director, Giraffe Innovation and Tom Domen, Global head of long-term innovation, Ecover

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