The Sustainability Keynote Theatre is dedicated to the policies, people and projects that are together accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient economy. From embedding the Sustainable Development Goals and redefining purpose to changing minds on sustainability and empowering the next generation, this stage provides the strategic-level focus required to transform business, for good.

22 May 2018
  1. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    With sustainability and energy managers facing a whirlwind of new and upcoming green policies, this opening session breaks down everything you need to know about the energy policy landscape – from the Government’s new Clean Growth Plan and Industrial Strategy through to new energy taxes and efficiency standards, this session has got you covered.

    • Clean energy strategy, Industrial strategy and Brexit - what do professionals think?
    • Ways to use less energy in buildings - Doing more with less
    • Oh, Accountants and energy managers should be friends

  2. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    The Government’s 25-Year Plan to Improve the Environment has promised action and given resource-efficiency professionals some much-needed encouragement. But 2042 is a long way off, and questions remain when it comes to the ‘how’. This session will explore what the 25-Year Plan means for business and investigate how resource efficiency professionals can turn that ambition into action.

  3. Energy Innovation Theatre

    Technology costs are tumbling, green policy is becoming more progressive, and stakeholders are keeping a keen eye on your sustainability credentials – NOW is the time to invest in onsite clean energy systems. But where should you start? This opening session will explore what success looks like by hearing from some of the leaders of the renewables revolution.

    • Delivering low-carbon fun with a co-generation plant onsite
    • Ambition and Results
    • Maximising available onsite generation

  4. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
  5. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • The global context: What’s changed?
    • Ushering in an era of “sustainable capitalism”
    • The Sustainable Development Goals: A golden opportunity for green business
  6. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Climate change, resource scarcity and the renewables revolution
    • Harnessing technologies and innovations for the Earth
    • The power of partnerships for sustainable development
  7. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Global change and the need for leadership
    • What does leadership look like
    • Driving change through your business
  8. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
  9. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    It's the most talked about topic in the world of sustainable business right now: plastic waste. The material represents a major circular economy conundrum for businesses across the world. But change is happening, fast. In this session, we'll hear from the businesses and experts that are championing innovation and collaboration to catalyse change across the supply chain and eliminate avoidable plastics.

    • It can be done, we can eliminate plastic pollution, create PR and save money
    • Co-op’s revamped approach to packaging and plastics
    • Turning off the Plastic Tap
  10. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    Aligning corporate energy reduction targets with individuals' motivations and behaviours can drive significant savings, but is incredibly difficult. In this session, we explore how energy managers can engage key stakeholders with their energy efficiency strategy to drive positive change.

    • Reduce the juice campaign
    • Hilton's 'Bikes are back' case study
    • Together, we can make a difference
  11. Energy Innovation Theatre

    In a matter of years, demand response has evolved from a curious concept to a vital catalyst of Britain’s smart energy transformation. But shifting power during peak periods is not without its challenges, and the market remains a relatively complex one for energy managers. This session will hear from the experts to help you cut through that complexity and showcase some leading business examples of demand-response best-practice.

    • The challenges and potential solutions to reducing peak demand at Rolls-Royce
    • Realising the financial benefits of switching off machinery and rescheduling factory operations for a short period of time
    • Marks and Spencer case study - exploring the potential demand response
  12. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Aligning the goals with your corporate strategy
    • Understanding relevance, from SMEs to multinational corporates
    • Measuring sustainability success through the SDGs
  13. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Adopting science-based targets and committing to a 1.5C world
    • Reducing emissions in your supply chain
    • Why going it alone to tackle climate change is not an option
  14. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Inspiring your organisation to set bold targets
    • Choosing which goals, frameworks and methodologies to use
    • Realising a new business purpose through the SDGs
  15. Energy Innovation Theatre

    The energy storage megashift is upon us, but how can businesses capitalise on it? Combining real-experience case studies with expert advice, this session is a must-attend for any organisation seeking to turn renewables into dispatchable capacity assets and increase energy resilience through battery storage solutions, delivering financial and operational benefits along the way.

    • Optimising the value of energy storage, flexibility and response
    • A network perspective on the development of batteries and chargers
    • Energy storage: the next wave
      Growth prospects and market outlook for storage
    • Long-term ambitions in storage: the Nottingham City Council approach
  16. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    Whether it's the rollout of electric vehicles (EVs), the use of telematics, or the strategic positioning of distribution centres, there are now a multitude of options available to businesses looking to reduce fleet emissions. But which is the best route to take? This session will provide the answers.

    • The benefits of electric vehicles
    • Electric vehicles and the potential benefits of combining this with vehicle-to-grid charging of fleets
    • The challenge of reducing both carbon and air quality emissions in vehicle fleets

  17. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    With recent surveys suggesting that as little as 7% of UK consumers have heard of the ‘circular economy’, it’s no surprise that mainstreaming the concept remains the ultimate challenge for business. This session will see industry experts discuss the role that sustainability and resource efficiency professionals can play in changing how people think and act towards the circular economy. 

    • Material consumption, waste reduction and social acceptability
    • How can you get people to buy into the circular economy
    • Coffee cups: How Costa is changing behaviours to reduce waste and recognising resource
    • Going circular with the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  18. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
  19. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • E.ON’s journey into a new energy world
    • What makes an effective ‘sustainability leader’?
    • How to realign your business strategy to achieve true sustainability
  20. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Going 100% ‘renewable’
    • Towards zero: achieving carbon neutrality
    • Achieving efficiency through effective engagement
  21. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    You can’t manage what you don’t measure – nowhere is this phrase more applicable than to energy efficiency. In this session, we delve deep into the data discussion to explore how energy managers are effectively leveraging the power of good data to drive down usage and increase efficiency.

    • Energy efficiency monitoring - making an impact on cost
    • Yes for energy data; but in which format?
    • Powering Performance: Helping you to improve your energy efficiency and operational performance through data
  22. Energy Innovation Theatre

    The commercial and industrial waste market presents a huge growth opportunity for the energy-from-waste sector. Likewise, processes to turn waste products into energy are being seen as an increasingly viable option for businesses to take their sustainability strategy onto the next level. This session brings energy-from-waste industry experts together with end-users to explore what the future holds for this ever-evolving sector.  

    • The role of anaerobic digestion in sustainable sludge management
    • The transformation of sludge from energy consumer to producer
    • How Costa is converting coffee waste to biofuel
  23. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    With most procurement processes and practices based on the purchase of goods and services through a linear ‘take, make, waste’ approach, it is clear that we must challenge the way an organisation consumes and uses products. This session will explore how sustainability and procurement teams can work in tandem to begin assessing buying decisions in accordance with circular economy principles. 

    • Why specifying the same requirements and expecting different results keeps us going round in circles 
    • Resource efficiency and the built environment
    • HP: Leading the way on the Circular Economy and Embedding Sustainability into Procurement and Supply Chain Management

  24. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • WWF and John West case study: a transformational partnership
    • Recognising a resource problem
    • Transforming business models and supply chains to adapt
  25. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • The battle against short-termism and business growth
    • Driving system change on sustainability
    • The importance of empowerment in achieving your ‘why’
  26. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Achieving climate change mitigation and adaptation through the built environment
    • Closing the green building policy gap
    • Developing smart and sustainable cities
  27. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Riversimple’s mission to make fuel-efficiency profitable
    • How hydrogen could transform sustainability
    • The potential of service-based business models
  28. Energy Innovation Theatre

    No matter how you look at it – financially, morally, reputationally and environmentally – the business case for investing in electric vehicles is clear. But there’s a lot more to it than simply switching out your vehicles. From policy incentives and infrastructure developments to drive-cycle data and driver behaviours, this session offers you everything you need to know when it comes to greening your fleet.  

    • EV and the grid - managing the infrastructure
    • Inside Royal Mail's electric van trials in London
    • Growing your low emission fleet
  29. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    We are witnessing an era of unprecedented technological change, with the fourth Industrial Revolution now well underway. In this session, we explore how energy managers can tap into advancements in tech to upgrade systems, drive down usage and stay ahead of the curve. 

    • Getting our buildings in shape - EDF Energy and Capula’s joint control solution for driving efficiency and cost savings through PowerShift.

  30. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    It's the only utility we couldn't live without, yet it’s often forgotten in conversations around resource efficiency and the circular economy. In this session, we’ll discuss why water efficiency should be pushed up the corporate agenda, and what benefits this can bring for an organisation’s economic and environmental performance. 

    • Recognising the true value of water
    • The criticality of water in brewing and distilling: Schrödinger’s paradox
    • Unravelling the mystery of water efficiency
  31. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Building resilience against climate change and resource scarcity
    • Understanding urbanisation and social demographic changes
    • Making global issues relevant for you and your organisation
23 May 2018
  1. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
  2. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    New minimum energy efficiency standards are coming into force, ESOS Phase 2 compliance dates are looming, and a new energy and carbon reporting framework is on the horizon. Never fear, this session will break down everything you need to know about key compliance and standards to take your energy management strategy onto the next level.

    • Navigating a new energy management landscape
    • ESOS Phase 2: Are you ready?
    • ESOS – remedies for the four year itch 
    • Energy and carbon reporting: What happens next?
  3. Energy Innovation Theatre

    New approaches to energy management such as battery storage and demand response have opened up new opportunities for you to save money and increase resilience. But where should you start? And which route should you take? This session unites the innovators and the industry insiders to explore how you can achieve a flexible future, today. 

    • Moving towards a flexible energy future
    • Gas in a decarbonised energy system
    • Following the money: what balancing mechanism access means for electricity customers
  4. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    What does the closed-loop business of the future look like? Inspiration is the key word in this opening session of the day as we showcase how organisations are transforming business models and modifying supply chains to reshape waste management and recycling approaches. And we’ll show YOU how to you can emulate this best practice.

    • Lifecycle thinking
    • Remanufacturing
    • Closing the loop
    • Making the case for resource efficiency
    • Embedding efficiency into operations
    • Encouraging recycling / less waste internally
    • Rethinking single use packaging
  5. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Corporate strategy and sustainability: a marriage made in heaven?
    • The power of partnerships and collaboration
    • Tackling global issues and driving change through purpose
  6. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Adopting a leadership position on sustainability
    • From zero waste to carbon positive: setting ambitious targets
    • Bringing employees on the sustainability journey
  7. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • How do we encourage more businesses to join the green industrial revolution?
    • Breaking out of the sustainability echo chamber
    • Making global issues relevant to smaller businesses
  8. Energy Innovation Theatre

    Dramatic cost reductions in solar and wind energy technologies combined with the scale-up of battery systems to help solve intermittency issues has made the idea of powering your operations with 100% renewable energy a realistic possibility. In this session, we’ll hear from the businesses that are doing just that.

    • Why JLL UK is targeting 100% renewables in new 2020 targets
    • Subsidy free renewables in the UK – are we there?
    • Delivering onshore renewables in harmony with nature
    • Becoming Sustainable in a Generation – how and why Mars is decarbonising its value chain
  9. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    Trying to convince senior stakeholders to invest in a new energy management approach can be a daunting task. But getting the board on board IS possible, and this session will show you how. From building the business case through to the art of good storytelling, during this session you will hear from engagement experts and showcase best-practice examples to help you make your next pitch a successful one.

    • Managing risk to increase energy confidence
    • Embedding sustainability throughout an organisation
    • The Board - What's in it for them?

  10. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    The shift to a circular economy will only be realized if we can build ‘unusual’ yet powerful coalitions to scale-up the solutions and interventions we need to reconfigure systems towards circularity. This session will hear from some of the industry experts and organisations that have been championing closed-loop collaborations to drive resource efficiency.

    • Case study showcasing collaboration
    • How important is a partnership approach?
  11. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Leaving things better than we find them
    • The power of collaboration
    • Investing time in internal engagement strategies
  12. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Working in partnership to accelerate progress in tackling malaria and achieve SDG 3 objectives
    • Inspiring the public, leaders and the private sector with an era-defining campaign
    • Future opportunities to drive real change
  13. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
  14. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    It is easy to take for granted, but water is a key asset for most businesses, and focusing on efficiency can generate huge benefits – especially considering the vast amounts of water consumed in everyday energy production. One year on from the opening of water retail competition in the UK, this session will explore how some leading organisations are now tapping into new opportunities to drive down water usage and increase efficiencies.

    • The benefits of water efficiency
    • Whitbread’s Self Supply Strategy
  15. Energy Innovation Theatre

    Rising energy costs and energy-related failures can be a significant risk to many organisations. It is more important than ever to have a resilient energy strategy. But what should that strategy look like? This session will show you how to manage energy risks in a way that can increase efficiency, improve financial performance and reduce potential downtime.

    • Looking towards a smart energy future with demand side response
    • A whole systems approach to multi-vector energy demand management
    • How do you mitigate the risk of energy security, future costs and business sustainability?
  16. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    It has long been cited as the biggest challenge facing sustainability and resource professionals, but in this session we will explore how staff engagement with sustainability can be turned into a golden opportunity for your organisation to go circular.

    • How a certified management system can facilitate employee engagement
    • Driving Circularity: How to get there from here
    • Making sustainability part of your employees’ DNA

  17. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • The powers of a sustainability superhero
  18. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Supporting a ‘C-suite’ facing role
    • Top ten skills needed and a sector response
    • New modes of learning
    • Systems, circularity and open innovation
  19. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • The biggest risks likely to impact business in the next 20 years
    • The importance of the sustainability profession in the 21st century
    • Why business should have greater accountability for the environment and society
  20. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    Members from Global Action Plan’s Youth Advisory Panel explain the role that young people can play in working with business to tackle the growing issue of...
  21. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
  22. Energy Innovation Theatre

    What does the energy system of the future look like? Will the Internet of Things make decentralised smart grids the norm? Will blockchain support electricity-sharing? And what will be driving energy resilience? The Energy Innovation Theatre comes to a fascinating close with this session which will hear from the experts that are actively involved in shaping the future of energy. 

    • Innovation in energy resilience
    • The future of blockchain and its impact on energy and business
    • Where are the opportunities for business in capitalising on emerging energy trends
    • Accelerating sustainability with connected systems

  23. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    The World Green Building Council has set the target: by 2050, all of the world's buildings must be net-zero emissions. Now, how are we going to get there? In this session, we will explore how organisations are retrofitting, renovating and building from the ground up to deliver low-carbon, energy-efficient buildings.

    • The role of buildings in securing a sustainable future
    • Case study: Crossrail Place Roof Gardens
    • Case study: Innovative approaches to building for the future
    • What's the value in Value Engineering?
  24. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    Too few companies are embracing the ‘full-circle’ approach to sustainability in their supply chain. To close out the Resource Efficiency Theatre, we’ll explore how you can effectively engage with suppliers to decouple resource use from value creation, and source key commodities more sustainably. This isn’t about reinventing your entire supply chain, it’s about taking the practical steps to deliver a shared vision for sustainable resource consumption and the circular economy.

    • The used paper cups that WE are turning into something useful
    • How employees in your supply chain can catalyse a circular economy
    • Collaboration in the supply chain to drive impact at farm-level: the example of a mass-balance supply chain.
  25. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • Whitbread's "force for good" programme
    • Beyond certification: collaborating to drive social improvements in the global supply chain to meet robust international sourcing standards
    • Closer to home: how Costa teams play an active part in their neighbourhoods to drive social improvements and a unique partnership from Premier Inn
  26. Sustainability Keynote Theatre
    • How to embed sustainability and social purpose throughout your business by driving a shared vision
    • Why businesses need the right partners to achieve their sustainability goals
  27. Sustainability Keynote Theatre

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