Unlocking the value of storage and renewables

22 May 2019
Workshop 1

It’s one of the most talked-about topics in the world of energy management, but is energy storage ready to move from ‘innovation’ to mainstream technology? What are the barriers to mass deployment of battery systems? How can storage systems be effectively paired with renewable energy technologies? And how can an energy manager convince others in their organisation of the values of storage?

This workshop saw participants co-create a list of the five key steps that must be taken by business and the Government to unlock the value of energy storage in the UK.

Speaker: Nick Turton, External affairs director, Energy Institute

Sponsor: Centrica Business Solutions

Guest expert: Louis Burford, Head of solution sales and UK optimisation

Nick Turton, External affairs director - Energy Institute
Guest Speaker(s)
Louis Burford, Head of solutions sales & optimisation - Centrica Business Solutions




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