• Mismanaged waste is causing hundreds of thousands of people to die each year in the developing world from easily preventable causes, and plastic waste is adding a new and dangerous dimension to the problem, a report has found.
  • B&M Waste Services, a leading waste management company, are thrilled to have been shortlisted for the National Recycling Awards 2019 in the ‘Campaign of the Year (up to 10k)’ category for their Refuse not Refuge campaign, supported by national homeless charity, Crisis.

  • Focusing on environmental impact should be key for retailers this year – and it’s easier to do than most think.
  • Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) is the new instrument for organisations to collect, measure and report on their carbon emissions which will replace the current CRC scheme and expand to include all large companies. It will encompass c12,000 companies who will be required to comply with SECR from 1st April 2019.
  • Shortly after introducing their state-of-the-art, hybrid food collection vehicles in Birmingham, Carbon Neutral B&M Waste Services have continued to grow their food waste collection service across the whole of the North West.

  • Environmental issues such as the circular economy and net-zero carbon targets have been highlighted as a main priority by more than one-third of UK businesses, second only to health and wellbeing, according to a new Responsible Business Tracker.
  • Buildings use 40% of the world’s energy and emit 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. As a result, the property industry finds itself under increasing pressure from government, sustainability groups and the public to lower their impact on the environment. But just how seriously is it being taken?
  • B&M Waste’s ongoing commitment to aiding businesses in recycling more of their waste has led to their latest initiative of recycling paper cups.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Following a successful pilot at two races last summer, Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS) last week confirmed that it will hand out 30,000 drinks in edible seaweed sachets at this year's London Marathon. But will these events generate lasting changes to consumer behaviour surrounding plastics?
  • As the fruits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution continue to re-shape how business operates, many companies are now turning to digital technologies for all of their energy reduction schemes. But for Tesco, behaviour change will always be a "key" piece of the energy management puzzle.
  • Casy Study: Prima Makeup

    22 Apr 2019 EnTRESS
    Prima Is a leading UK supplier of bio-degradable, non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly cosmetic glitter. Set up in 2016 Prima captures the best new cosmetic trends from around the world & brings them together in one place, in a range of unique products.
  • A recent survey by E.ON and Manufacturing Management discovered serious knowledge gaps amongst today’s industry leaders when it comes to energy usage. Here, we sit down with Annalisa Bell, strategic account manager at E.ON (pictured), to discuss the ways manufacturers can manage their energy consumption




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