edie Live 2018

edie Live 2018

Partners and sponsors

Thank you to our 2018 partners and sponsors

Lead partner

Café sponsor

Edina is a leading supplier, installer and maintenance provider for combined heat and power (CHP), gas, and diesel power generation solutions.

We add value by delivering the complete project. From design and manufacture to project management, installation, commissioning and maintenance of your power generation project.

Theatre sponsors

Sustainability Keynote sponsors

Cranfield University is a global postgraduate University with an unrivalled reputation for creating leaders in technology and management.  With a long-standing capability in environmental sustainability reaching back over 40 years, our expertise is promoted through the strategic themes of water & design, energy & power; and environment & agrifood, and rooted in the cross-cutting needs of a transition to a low carbon economy.

Energy doesn’t have to be just another overhead, it can be an opportunity We’ve always been a leader in sustainability. And now we’re making it ‘business as usual’ for our customers. By taking renewable energy from a niche set of technologies and putting it into the mainstream, we’re creating products and services that were unthinkable just a few years ago. This includes sustainable ways of generating energy and technologies that put businesses in control – so you cut costs and benefit from new revenue streams. Energy is something every business should be managing, and it’s a great catalyst for making sustainable changes in your organisation. We can help find the sustainable solutions that are right for you, now and in the future.

Energy Efficiency Theatre sponsors

Our shared expertise across industries helps organisations to implement a sustainable energy strategy that takes into account environmental, economic and social issues. We combine our experience in energy management and delivery capabilities to help you reduce your energy consumption, your CO2 emissions, and your energy bills.

Powering our customers’ ambitions

We understand the power of power. In a changing energy landscape, Centrica Business Solutions are helping our customers unlock the power of power to realise their ambitions. 

  • Powering Performance: Improving operational efficiency
  • Powering Resilience: Enabling businesses to stay on 24/7
  • Powering the Future: Drive your business vision forward

We are a leading independent provider of multi-utility infrastructure connections and meter asset management solutions.  We provide a fully integrated service from project managing the installation and connection of the utility infrastructure through to the procurement, installation and management of the meter asset, data collection and energy management solutions.

Energy Innovation Theatre sponsors

Flexitricity created and now operates the first, largest and most advanced demand-response portfolio in GB. We bring revenue to businesses, increase asset reliability, reduce national CO2 emissions and help to secure energy supplies.

Resource Efficiency Theatre sponsors

A leading UKAS accredited certification body who provides certification, training and support services. World leading certification body NQA, specialises in high technology and engineering sectors. With over 25 years’ experience NQA aims to provide the best customer experience by offering expert advice to help you to never stop improving!
Why phs?

phs Group is the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Spain and Ireland.

Healthcare, Washroom, Floorcare Hygiene and Specialist are our business – and with over 90,000 customers over 300,000 locations, we meet the needs of up to 100 million people.
The new standard in sustainability software, education and advisory services.

Using our patented AI technology we capture and harness expert knowledge to deliver cutting edge learning, compliance and data management platforms.

Empowering present and future generations, with the knowledge to improve the environments we live and work in.

EV Showroom

DriveElectric is your partner on the road to zero emissions. Helping businesses make a successful transition towards zero-emission transport since 2008, our EV experts find the right vehicles and charging solutions to suit your needs. Our flexible-leasing plans, EV trials and bespoke driver engagement programmes minimise the risks of fleet-electrification so you can reduce your carbon foorprint and save money.
NewMotion is the market leader in offering smart charging solutions for electric vehicles in Europe. The company also provides access to a network of more than 64,000 public charge points across 25 countries in Europe for more than 116,500 registered drivers' charge cards.


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