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  • Delivering energy efficiencies across the whole asset base
    JRP Solutions are energy specialists with vast practical experience of delivering energy savings across the whole asset base across all sectors. Services include: energy strategy/plan development, energy audits, identification of improvement projects, business case development, energy efficiency funding, project implementation, M&T, data analysis, energy awareness training, ESOS, EUETS, CRC & CCA management. In addition to our usual range of services, at this event we will be showcasing: 1. our high quality, low-cost, energy awareness eLearning programme, Be Energy, a user-friendly, interactive, eLearning programme that will help all employees to understand what energy is, how the use of energy impacts on our environment and how to save energy at home and at work. 2. Energy Activator ®, a dynamic, user-friendly, web-based, purpose-designed energy project management and reporting software tool and 3. Our Energy Efficiency Funding service – a no risk funding service providing all the resources you need to achieve your energy objectives and carbon reduction targets – with no upfront costs to you and with all costs paid from the energy savings achieved! http://cdn.pageworks.co.uk/jrpsolutions/flipbook/files/inc/e7457cbb4f.pdf
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  • Data Management

    Data Management

    SMS Plc

    Our secure and scalable data management solutions allow accurate billing and provide invaluable insight for energy management strategies. We are specialists in the collection and processing of gas, electricity and water data with years of industry expertise. Our bespoke, robust data services are tailored to our customers' needs, providing clear visibility of energy usage and complete control of their portfolio. A long-term reduction strategy can be based on the data we collect and monitored via our data management suite. We have market-leading analysis tools and can combine this with expert energy advice from our energy team.
  • Domestic Metering
    We own, operate and install dual fuel, electricity only and gas only meter assets for the domestic market throughout the UK. Our experienced installation workforce performs Meter Asset Provider (MAP), Meter Operator (MOP) and Meter Asset Manager (MAM) services countrywide, and our dedicated customer service team and multi-channel appointment booking make managing your meter assets quick and straightforward.
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