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  • SmartGen Meter
    Single phase electricity meter
  • Static Compactors
  • Styropress (Expanded Polystyrene)
  • Smart Asset Management for accurate portfolio

    Smart Asset Management for accurate portfolio

    Mindy Vehvilainen & Ivana Pe Pesic

    Always accurate utilities. Measure, monitor and manage your performance and energy/water efficiency.


    David Carlyon, Mindy Vehvilainen & Mark Beckett

    FINANCIAL SAVINGS AND RESOURCE EFFICIENCY Incorporating resource efficiency and compliancy measures with CO2 and environmental management translates into long-term financial savings for both social landlords and residents. You can achieve direct savings through reduced: 1. Utilities expenditure, as a result of lower energy demand across commercial and residential buildings 2. Financial penalties, resulting from failures to comply with legislative responsibilities 3. Overcharges, via comprehensive benchmarking, trend analysis, and validation of electricity, gas, and water invoices 4. Costs associated with waste management, via increased rates of reduction, reuse, and recycling 5. Travel costs, due to an increased uptake in public and active travel options
  • Switchgear
    At Slaters Electricals we can offer a comprehensive range of HV and LV industrial electrical switchgear, with either new or refurbished units available. Our range of industrial switchgear equipment includes HV and LV fixed pattern, withdrawable, extensible switchgear, ring main units and extensible ring main units.
  • SE AW151e Air Source Heat Pump Solution
    Designed for medium to high heat demand applications. Ratet at 500kW, achieving COp's up to 4.0 and capable of producing up to 80C warm water. Ambient temperature operating range of -10C to 25C. Available in electric drive and direct gas motor versions to suit wide customer application. Designed and optimised as a containerised solution needing minimum space on-site. Manufactured in Denmark and supported by a comprehensive Service and Maintenance program.
  • SE AW501e Air Source Heat Pump Solution
    Industrial and commercial scale Air to Water (ASHP) heat pump solution rated a 1,600kW and capable of reaching 4.0 SCOP. Dual Mode Power design operating on electric power and/or direct drive gas motors to achieve maximum efficiency. Temperature operating range of -10C to 25C and able to output up to 90C flow. Perfectly suited for medium to high heat demand applications in the commercial and industrial sector. Adaptable into steam generation as a first step heating process before steam boilers. Designed and manufactured in Denmark
  • Sub-Metering


    SMS Plc

    The SMS sub-metering service will help you quickly identify areas of unnecessary and excessive use. It provides clear visibility of where energy is being wasted. With data provided by our devices our engineering and consultancy teams use their experience to advise on measurement plans, additional sub-metering solutions and monitoring exercises.
  • SmartVision Pro

    SmartVision Pro

    SMS Plc

    SmartVision Pro is a cloud-based energy management and analytics software platform which helps businesses promote energy conservation measures and reduce costs through a variety of innovative solutions, including location and estate-wide dashboards, deep-dive analytical tools, automated reports and alarming.
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