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  • EcoCooler



    EcoCoolers contain an inbuilt fan and evaporative cooling pads. The evaporative coolers are designed to be externally mounted and should be used as part of a mechanical ventilation system with a paired extract fan. The standard configuration is down flow, where air is supplied from the base of the cooler into the area that requires cooling.
  • CloudCooler



    Data centre operators are under increasing pressure to reduce energy usage and in some cases, release power in their facilities. EcoCooling’s evaporative cooling and ventilation solutions can reduce cooling costs by up to 90% when compared to traditional refrigeration. The CloudCooler® Range builds on EcoCooling’s 15 years experience to achieve unparalleled free cooling efficiency while maintaining Class 1 ASHRAE compliant environmental conditions. The modular units combine ventilation, evaporative cooling and humidification to provide operators with simple cooling solutions that are easy to install, maintain and operate.
  • KeepCup Brew Glass Cork
    The KeepCup Brew Glass Cork is barista standard and made from surprisingly durable, tempered soda lime glass. Designed for the most premium coffee experience. The natural cork band is sustainably sourced and biodegradable.
  • KeepCup Brew Glass
    The KeepCup Brew Glass is barista standard and made from a surprisingly durable tempered soda lime glass is for a premium drinking experience. Designed for better coffee on the go.
  • KeepCup Original Clear Edition
    The KeepCup Original Clear Edition is barista standard and made from resilient clear plastic, perfect for your favourite hot or cold beverage on the go. The Original Clear Edition is durable yet lightweight, with the clarity of glass.
  • Water Metering
    Accurate and reliable non-invasive flow measurement for drinking and wastewater systems.
  • Portable Compressed Air and Thermal Energy metering
    FLUXUS G601 CA Energy is the ideal tool for carrying out complete energy efficiency tasks in the industry as well as within facility management (e.g. according to DIN ISO 50001 standards) by allowing the measurement of compressed air flow rates as well as the monitoring of thermal energy quantities and the flow rate determination of any kind of liquid or gaseous media with just one device.
  • Thermal Energy Metering
    Non-invasive permanent or portable Thermal Energy meters. Easy determination of the thermal energy flows within a building, boiler plant, CHP plant, data centre, etc. With temperature measurements at the inlet and at the outlet of a system as well as accurate flow measurement at the outlet, the FLUXUS Thermal Energy meter calculates the thermal energy flows from outside the pipe wall, being virtually maintenance free. The values can easily be transmitted to a PC for display and analysis. The data obtained can be used for energy flow balancing or it can be transmitted to a process control system.
  • Encore cisterns
    The world's first cistern to utilise waste condensate to flush toilets.
  • SmartGen Meter
    Single phase electricity meter
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