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  • Self Sustaining Systems
    Our consultative service looks at how organisations are equipped to deal with the changing energy landscape and their developing business needs. We deliver processes, standards, training and tools that make sure that all customers have a long-term strategy to embed energy eciency into their operations; creating a Self-Sustaining System. We want our clients to think about energy management in the way that we do; where best practice, up to date policies, corporate responsibility and accurate data sources lead to ongoing informed decisions regarding energy use every day.
  • Energy Desk; Monitor Smarter
    The SMS Energy Desk provides an all-encompassing energy monitoring service that can adapt to the demands of organisations from any sector. The bespoke service allows you to visualise your energy use, energy cost and carbon emissions from a single building to an entire operational estate. Using accurate data our dedicated Energy Services Team will work with you to mitigate rising energy costs across your estate. We do that by identifying over consuming sites, assessing operational performance, engaging key personnel and implementing organisation wide cost avoidance measures.
  • Energy & Environmental
    We provide practical guidance and support to rationalise energy usage and maximise efficiency. Our data-driven strategies set clear and realistic objectives for efficient energy usage. Our strategies are based on energy assessment surveys and made possible by our bespoke energy data platform. With the right data at our disposal we target areas for improvement and set parameters for usage.
  • Recoveries


    SMS Plc

    We are specialists in utility bill investigations and recoveries of overpayments for UK and international customers. Our intelligent data analysis tools allow us to investigate historical utility bills up to six years old. We compare our customers' usage portfolios against invoices to investigate inconsistencies, resolve disputes and recover any monies overpaid. We manage the entire recoveries process and provide our customers with progress reports. We also offer bill validation, providing all of the above services for ongoing invoicing, including financial control and ongoing risk management.
  • Utility Risk Management & Energy Procurement
    Our energy procurement team provides expert advice and market knowledge to deliver the best priced energy. We are one of the UK’s leading energy consultants to manage the risk and procurement process, securing our clients the best value energy supply contracts. Our continued success is due to our ability to work impartially with UK energy suppliers whilst delivering our unrivalled customer service.
  • Utility Bureau & Bill Validation
    Our bureau team analyses bill data to increase accuracy, reduce cost and recover billing errors. Our utility bureau and bill validation service is tailored to our customer and analyses utility invoices to identify and resolve discrepancies as well as streamline operations. We analyse more than 500,000 utility bills annually on behalf of our customers ensuring all aspects are accurate prior to payment. Our end-to-end service means recoveries of incorrect historical payments are managed by our recoveries service.
  • Data Management

    Data Management

    SMS Plc

    Our secure and scalable data management solutions allow accurate billing and provide invaluable insight for energy management strategies. We are specialists in the collection and processing of gas, electricity and water data with years of industry expertise. Our bespoke, robust data services are tailored to our customers' needs, providing clear visibility of energy usage and complete control of their portfolio. A long-term reduction strategy can be based on the data we collect and monitored via our data management suite. We have market-leading analysis tools and can combine this with expert energy advice from our energy team.
  • Electricity I&C Metering
    We are experts in the funding, installation and operation of smart and traditional meters, trusted by the UK’s leading energy suppliers. We provide bespoke electricity metering services for the industrial and commercial sector along with our unrivalled customer service.
  • Gas I&C Metering
    We provide, install and manage gas meter assets for the industrial and commercial sector throughout the UK.
  • Domestic Metering
    We own, operate and install dual fuel, electricity only and gas only meter assets for the domestic market throughout the UK. Our experienced installation workforce performs Meter Asset Provider (MAP), Meter Operator (MOP) and Meter Asset Manager (MAM) services countrywide, and our dedicated customer service team and multi-channel appointment booking make managing your meter assets quick and straightforward.
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