SDG Day at edie Live 2019

“Turning the SDGs from ambitions into actions”

With thousands of organisations across the world having committed to support the UK’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the second day of edie Live 2019 was dedicated to turning those SDG sustainability ambitions into actions.

Who’s leading the way when it comes to corporate responsibility and social sustainability? How can sustainability and energy professionals drive engagement with the SDGs? How should frameworks and standards be used to enhance SDG strategies? And what tools and systems are available to measure and report progress against the Goals?

edie Live’s SDG Day was all about allowing businesses to share ideas and discover new actions that can be taken to achieve the SDGs. With the entire programme of our Sustainability Keynote structured around the 17 Goals, and a series of interactive workshops dedicated to achieving them, the day was a must-attend for any visitors with an interest in enhancing sustainable development. 

Sustainability Keynote Theatre

Day Two - edie Live's SDG Day - took a Sustainable Development Goal focus, with the entire programme structured around the 17 Goals. This stage provided the strategic-level focus required to turn sustainability ambitions into actions.

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Workshops: Getting serious about the SDGs

Visitors collaborated with their peers to solve the key challenges and opportunities facing our mission to achieve a sustainable future. The hour-long workshops took a roundtable format, with a facilitator and a guest expert at each table.





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