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Graham Ault

Dr Graham Ault

EVP - DER operators, Smarter Grid Solutions
Graham is an Executive Director (Executive Vice President and Co-Founder) at Smarter Grid Solutions and leads the DER Operators business unit with responsibilities for general management, products, marketing, sales, customer delivery and operations to the owners and operators of DER fleets.  Recently he has contributed to power sector leadership groups including DSPx (DoE, US, 2016-17), Future Power System Architecture (IET/ESC FPSA, UK, 2015-2016), and the CIRED conference Technical Committee (2009-2017).  He is a Fellow of the IET, Senior Member of the IEEE, CEng (2000) and has PhD (2000), BEng (1993) and PGCert (2004) from Strathclyde University where he was also Professor of Power Systems until 2016. Past significant leadership responsibilities in Smarter Grid Solutions include Consulting, Analysis, Innovation, Product Management, Marketing and customer projects with UK customers UKPN, NPg, SSEN, SPEN, a range of energy asset developers, public and third sector customers. Prior senior academic responsibilities include leadership in multi-disciplinary future systems research consortia for public and private sector and industrial sponsored research programmes with SPEN, SSEN, EON and ABB.

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