Munish Datta

Munish Datta

Head of insight and membership, UK Green Building Council

Munish is passionate about the crucial role every sector of society - government, business, civic - must play to create a truly sustainable world. He is
a corporate leader with a track record in creating strategy and delivering operational outcomes, resulting in substantial commercial, environmental, social and reputational benefits. For over 10y, he led the strategy and delivery of Marks & Spencer’s multi
award winning, globally renowned sustainability strategy (Plan A) for its £4bn, 1000+ buildings property portfolio.

He enjoys empowering business leaders & organisations to tackle critical global challenges in his role as a Senior Associate and member of faculty at the
University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. He is hugely enthused to exchange experiences and learning as a course director and tutor at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education and visiting lecturer & advisory board
member at the University of Oxford Masters in Sustainable Urban Development.

As a built environment leader, Munish is a Senior consultant with UK Green Building Council leading the development & delivery of its strategy to create
a radically more sustainable property sector. He advises the UK government Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy as a member of its ‘Green Construction Board’ to enable the property industry to become more environmentally sustainable & economically
productive. As an independent sustainability advisor, Munish is helping tech startups in their mission to solve major global and societal challenges.

For the last 10y, Munish has been a trustee of Rama Foundation, a UK charity building capacities and skills of disadvantaged communities.





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