Neliana Fuenmayor

Neliana Fuenmayor

Founder and CEO, A Transparent Company

Designer, innovator and public speaker Neliana Fuenmayor specialises in Sustainable Fashion Innovation — focused on transparency as a social and environmental accelerator, to elevate positive impact within the apparel and footwear industry.  Neliana is a Fashion Innovator whose mission is to redesign supply chains to increase traceability and transparency in fashion.  

Neliana is the founding Director of ‘A Transparent Company’ a consultancy working as a collective intelligence network that collaborates with key industry partners to deliver solutions for sustainability, innovation & communication strategy to increase trust in the fashion sector. 

Neliana’s journey from design, entrepreneurship and innovation has been weaved by sustainability and transparency in fashion – with more than ten years experience since graduating from London College of Fashion and in 2015 compleating her Master’s in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation — Neliana has embedded sustainability as part of her mission, from receiving the coveted Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion by the French Luxury Group and British brand Stella McCartney to debuting the world's first garment tracked on blockchain from farm to end product enabling the collaboration between designer Martine Jarlgaard and Provenance launched at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017.  

Currently working with MSI’s (Multi Holder Initiatives) such as SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition and ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazard Chemicals) to create new industry guidelines to increase traceability and transparency at the level of product compliance and governance by enhancing supply chain communication processes.   

"My mission is to place transparency at the core of fashion businesses value proposition with the adoption of new technologies that can accelerate positive impact — connecting  social, environmental, governance and investment key leaders in the forefront of fashion sustainable innovation."






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