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Ray Noble

Ray Noble

Senior advisor, Renewable Energy Association (REA)
Ray was a Building Engineering Group Director at Arup when he first became involved in Solar PV in the mid 1980's generally around research and remote installations using battery storage.  He brought building techniques to the early days of the solar industry and linked with EU on the initial demonstration of grid connected building projects, many being world firsts winning various awards.
Ray moved to BP Solar in 1999, at the time the largest Solar module manufacturer in the global solar industry, and continued to develop projects across the world including large solar roofs, ground mounted solar power stations and building integrated solar systems.
Ray closed BP Solar’s UK activities in solar in 2006 and set up his consultancy SolarBIPV which has since advised a diverse range of companies globally, including manufacturers, installers and developers. Ray continues to give advice to both commercial and public sector customers.
Ray is currently a senior external advisor to the Renewable Energy Association (REA) on solar, electricity storage and electric vehicles. He is also the Operations Director at WELink Group.

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