Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson

Director of sustainability, University College London

I have over 25 years experience within the sustainability field, from early work as a conservation volunteer through to my current role as Director, Sustainability for University College London (UCL). In between, I have been involved in many aspects of the sustainability field – strategy development, operational management, policy and lobbying, and research.

I have been with UCL for 7 years, during which time my portfolio has expanded to cover the management of sustainability, safety and business continuity.

The higher education sector offers an interesting perspective on sustainability in so far as our ‘products’ and ‘services’ (graduates, research, technology), can have a far-reaching global impact. As such, I have put in place a strategy, which focuses beyond impact management to include teaching, research and enterprise.

Prior to UCL, I worked for 7 years as Head of Sustainability at the Olympic Delivery Authority, managing the implementation of the sustainability plan through the design and construction of the Olympic Park venues and parkland.





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