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Richard Walsh

Richard Walsh

Principal assessor - energy and environment, NQA

Richard has been a Principal Assessor with NQA since 2007, specialising in environment and energy management systems. He has recently been heavily involved in preparing NQA assessors and clients for the ISO14001:2015 transition.  Prior to joining NQA, Richard spent 12 years at environmental charity Groundwork, where has was responsible for environmental management training and consultancy. Whilst at Groundwork he completed his studies to become a Chartered Environmentalist.
A mechanical engineer by trade, Richard became a metallurgist in the automotive engineering sector prior to taking on a training and advisory role in the implementation of ISO9001. In 1994, when the first environmental management system (BS7750) was published, Richard became one of Groundwork’s first EMS advisors and was responsible for the training and mentoring of environmental management graduates.


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